Sunday, October 28, 2012

Search, Rescue, Repair and Recover

Since we arrived to our precious boy, Steven we have been in search and rescue, repair and recovery mode.  My precious little boy although mama bought him a stuffed and animal, left him photos with pictures and a message saying we love him and will be back and the nannies told him I am going to be his mama his little mind could not wrap around that with me leaving.  He just knew we loved him and told him I was going to be his mama and we all were his family then vanish we were gone just like that.  The idea of paperwork and adoption dossier is not something these kiddos are familiar with and can process.  When he was told before we arrived that he had a family on their way to him he shook his head no in dis-belief.   So yet him being happy to see me you can see he is guarded and distant as much as he wants to reach back to me as he once did with no boundaries.  So he is in survival and protective mode of his heart and I am in search and rescue mode to bring him back to repair it.  He is such a smart little boy and as much as it hurts me to see him go through these emotions I am also grateful because he truly feels and these are not just motions he is going through with not true connection to me and us as a family.  He has genuine feelings that are not artificial and that is why I fell in love with him.  So bit by bit we are building the trust back and I am seeing my boy recover.  Today he told me he was afraid I would not come back for him and he still gets scared I will leave without him and not return.  Told him not a chance.  So bit by bit I see my boy coming back, slow grind but getting there.  The beautiful thing with this is that he is really bonding to Kolya and of course Tania.  She has always been a big sister to him but the bond is there and growing with them both.  So please keep our little man in your prayers for him mentally to trust that I will not leave him and for his health as we hustle to get our boy home.  Praying for court next week but awaiting our official date.  God is good and not wasting any time and I know his timing is perfect.......

Rescued & In Repair & Recovery With My Precious Boy!
Napping With His Bro!
Big Bro Catching Him At The End Of The Slide!

Big Sissy Pushing Him!

Swinging Buddies!
Mama Loves Her Boy!

BOO! Joe I was telling her she is Knixie Knox From Dr. Seuss!

Hands Up!  WEE!
Hanging On!

Steven Man.....Undercover!
The Masked Steven Man Bandit Is On The Run! 
He Is Masked And Dangerous!

And On The Move!
Tania Caught The Bandit!

Trying To Do A Getaway!

Steven Bandit Is Pooped!

A Day Of Nut Hunting!

Yesterday was a day of nut hunting adventures.  The walnuts are on the rise and my kids turn into scavengers as though it is their last meal.  So please join in below of our nut adventures! 

Tania pooped after a day of nut hunting!

Kolya doing Steven lifts! 

My two children that look like homeless people sleeping on a bench with full bellies of walnuts!

Steven man!

He so has the little "skater" look.  I see professional skateboarder in his future!

Let the nut hunting begin!

Silly boys looking for nuts.....I got mine! (:

Here nut....nut....nut....

Gee boyz I found another nut!

Fun times!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Dewberry Adventure Continues........

Take a peak at the photos I think the photos speak louder then words!  (:  Happy to be here with all three of my beautiful children what a blessing it has been.

Announcing our next skateboarder!   Daddy get ready he has spotted the skateboards in photos and is already asking for his own!  (:

 Our three beautiful children!