Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We Made It!

Ok before a night of crashing in a comfy bed have to fill ya in on our adventure.....made the flight but our bags did not.  Got to Kiev but our bags wanted to chill in London.  Thankfully they caught up with us the night before we took off to Steven.  We have had great company with some friends of ours who are here also adopting and got to meet many other families in region which has been awesome.  Everything went smooth in Kiev although we wore the same clothes a couple days and our right guard went left (stinky) missing all our clothes and goodies.  Thank heavens for cooler weather so we could get away with it!  (:  But we found our favorite ice cream and the Roshan chocolate factory which cured all our issues.  On that visit to the chocolate factory we met a gentleman that serves as a free lance missionary that supports himself here in Ukraine 10 month out of the year and it was incredible to hear his stories and to find we know many of the same people who serve back here.  TOTALLY AWESOME! Amazing how chocolate will bring ya together!

We took the bonka bonka train here to region with another family, Serge and MarinaIt was great we were able to keep each other all accountable to not get lost whether in the train like I did last train ride by forgetting my room number or lost on the outside the train when we un-boarded.  We had great company in the passing of the night by a total stranger that kept my friends company and embarrassed the snot out of my my poor son.  Long story short I thought I pretty much scared off any Ukraine men or basically any strangers which was cool with me with walking several miles at night or even day for that matter with my wife beater tees, board shorts and flip flops but not this time and my poor son was caught up on the translation of it all of a man hitting on his mama.  Never a dull moment especially on a train.  My poor son fractured for life.  LOL!  Then Ms. Tania as always a total crack up.  "I am bored, sleeping is boring mum.  I am not tired, mum I am never tired".  Then this happened today when we got to the school.  Please know when viewing this photo....she is NOT tired!  This is fake, it is a pre-posed photo....she is not sleeping in the crevice of this sofa at the school leaning on Mama. (:

It was a wonderful first visit to the school and we got everything in motion to get our adoption rolling and our boy home!  Marina our facilitator rocked and getting everything on the ball as she did with Tania's adoption.  Tania was so happy to see all the teachers that basically raised her and all her little buddies and soon to be brother.  As we were doing paperwork she was swept away upstairs by the school secretary so she could see Steven as we did paperwork.  When we were done we went to their new room and was greeted by two of the nannies we know and our daughter full of life lite up with little Steven just staring at me in almost disbelief we came back for him.  He just stood there shell shocked we actually were there with this crooked grin staring at me and frozen.  It was like someone had his legs.  Then he snapped out of it and ran and came and gave me a hug and Kolya.   Then hugged Tania and they just held each other.

We exchanged lots of hugs got our passport photo of our little man then were off on the run to return later in the day so we could get docs on the move.  We came back that afternoon for a fun night of visiting with the nannies, seeing our boy and all our little buddies and meeting the new combers in the group.  It was so wonderful to see all these precious kids I have grown to love and adore and know their forever family is coming for them and working on it now.  Look at these happy kiddos being re-united and also knowing they got family on the way!!  Or in our case here!

Jen he's got the crazy eyes here!  LOL!  

Jen here's your boys! Gotta lotsa hugs from ya!!!

Then in all the fun Kolya got a massage from his little brother and little Lucas was my beautician.  Such great boys!

Look at that smirk!  LOL! 

 Then we all sat down for movie time and Steven has always been a Mama's boy since the day I met him but I am telling ya there is no doubt he is just thrilled with having a big brother.  Tonight he was with Kolya like peanut butter and jelly.  It was awesome.  Kolya is such an awesome big brother and just loved on him. 

 WHY SO SERIOUS!!?? Watching Tom and Jerry but you would never know it by the looks on their faces! 

 Can we pose normal???? NOPE..normal what is normal?  
 Tania's Angela Jo Lee look, Stevens mysterious look and well Kolya and I are looking somewhat civilized.
 EEII Mattie!  Tania the pirate!

 The kids good bye pose for the night!
 Stevens holding the donkey Mama bought him my last night with him.  Still got it and he sure loves the donkey!

 Mama and her boy!

 OK so you would think it is snowing.  It's like 60 degrees but it is fun to dress up!

 Yes my kids have issues like me.......

 Where's Tania???
 Tania is calling Alona her buddy in America on her light camera........
Now leaning.......

So tomorrow off and running for a new day or paperwork and seeing our boy!!!!  Again we want to thank you again for all your prayers for Steven and out family and your support! 


  1. Too many kids in too short a period of time. Especially given Stevens obvious fasd and the fact that your daughter's barely been home three months.

    I'll pray the judge thinks of poor lil Yuri winkle, victor Reilly and kellsey Garcia (RR babes from Ukraine kicked to the curb by their godly Christian parents mere months after getting home)

  2. Oh my seems like yesterday that I was coming back from trip two with you and the kiddos and you were telling me about your decission to go back for Steven...and here you all are! Lovely to see his sweet face again, and I'm praying for you all! Much love!

  3. i love this!

    haters gonna hate, but i totally love your family (and my awesome orange headband from Peru!) xx