Wednesday, April 6, 2016

With my next mission trip coming up in October of 2016 to serve in Ukraine, Israel and Egypt, the fundraising has begun!  I have some amazing items up for auction handmade directly from Ukraine and abroad.  More items coming in so it can potentially change weekly.  Please come take a peak at the items I have up for auction to help raise needed funds for his mission trip.  I am in need to raise a total of $3375.00.

This is an auction where you make an offer price at the listed "Minimum Bid Amount" listed or to close the deal right then a "Buy It Now" price.

If you have any interest in joining our mission team in October 2016 to Ukraine, Israel and Egypt please inquire and I can get you in touch with our team lead. 

Thank you and God Bless!

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards my mission trip you can go to my you caring account at: or you can send a donation through paypal at my email Any support in prayer or donations is greatly appreciated.

Please click on the link below to go directly into the auction!

Here are SOME of the items in the auction!

Mission to Ukraine, Israel & Egypt! Anyone ready to serve and go walk where Jesus walked? If so come take a peek, you could join us!

Anyone interested in serving with orphans with me and a team in Ukraine and then heading to the land Jesus has once walked, Israel then on to Egypt? I had Been praying for over a week that if God wanted this trip He would make a way and to find out today a dear friend of mine is leading a team to do exactly this. Oh my how God works! I love it!

Here is the scoop on the trip. The trip is planned for 14 days in October 2016. It entails flying into Ukraine, visiting Lyviv and touring the city. Then heading up to the Carpathian mountains to see some of God's most beautiful land. There and in Lyviv and in the Carpathian mountains we will serve with orphans and be with them and even camp out with them. Then off to Israel and Egypt we go. We will visit the dead sea, the wailing wall, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and more.

The cost for the entire trip is approx. $1575.00 per person everything included accept your flight to and from Ukraine. That will be an additional fee and the team can help with that or I can even refer you to who I use to fly.

If anyone would be interested in joining us please let us know and I can get you into the group and get you connected with the leaders leading the team that I know, love and trust and that is why I am going.

ON A SIDE NOTE: If you just want to serve just in Ukraine you can do just that for 7 days. OR if you just want to go just to Israel and Egypt you can also just do that. So you can do the entire ball of wax like I will do or pick one of the two trips which of course will cost less. Again I can get you in touch with the team for more details.

God bless! Nicole

Friday, March 4, 2016


AGING OUT TEEN! Folks this is a young man I have been waiting almost 2 years to become legally free that went to school with one of my sons. By the grace of God it just happened!!!! "S" has reached out to myself and my friend who was just adopting in region asking for us to help him find a family. He is so ready. He has been ready but his legal status needed to change. The day has come to now time to help PUSH him. "S" is 15 years old and is HIV positive so as folks know his future is not good without the support of family. With "S" having the status of HIV and it is known at his boarding school so as a result he is bullied pretty regularly. "S' is on the shy side and will be held back and will just watch and wait for your invite to come in and join you which he will do with a big ol'e smile on his face and with an almost run to you, to be able to be part of what you are doing or the invite. He is not a space invader and all up in your grill. This last trip I made sure to always look for him and plant a hug on him and you could just see his openness to accept it and give back so we would both keep an eye out for one another to make sure to hug, smile and exchange some words. He has a smile that will light up the darkest of rooms. He loves to play soccer, basketball, volleyball and ping pong. He played on the boarding schools soccer team. He is very creative and likes to make something out of nothing. He loves to draw. He likes to take care of plants and flowers on the school property. He is a very good student and respectful to the teachers. He is not one to look for trouble but to avoid it.

If you have any questions please let me know. Please if you can help me push "S" and get him out there in order to help find his forever family it would be to gratefully appreciated.