Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mission to Ukraine, Israel & Egypt! Anyone ready to serve and go walk where Jesus walked? If so come take a peek, you could join us!

Anyone interested in serving with orphans with me and a team in Ukraine and then heading to the land Jesus has once walked, Israel then on to Egypt? I had Been praying for over a week that if God wanted this trip He would make a way and to find out today a dear friend of mine is leading a team to do exactly this. Oh my how God works! I love it!

Here is the scoop on the trip. The trip is planned for 14 days in October 2016. It entails flying into Ukraine, visiting Lyviv and touring the city. Then heading up to the Carpathian mountains to see some of God's most beautiful land. There and in Lyviv and in the Carpathian mountains we will serve with orphans and be with them and even camp out with them. Then off to Israel and Egypt we go. We will visit the dead sea, the wailing wall, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and more.

The cost for the entire trip is approx. $1575.00 per person everything included accept your flight to and from Ukraine. That will be an additional fee and the team can help with that or I can even refer you to who I use to fly.

If anyone would be interested in joining us please let us know and I can get you into the group and get you connected with the leaders leading the team that I know, love and trust and that is why I am going.

ON A SIDE NOTE: If you just want to serve just in Ukraine you can do just that for 7 days. OR if you just want to go just to Israel and Egypt you can also just do that. So you can do the entire ball of wax like I will do or pick one of the two trips which of course will cost less. Again I can get you in touch with the team for more details.

God bless! Nicole

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  1. Hi! We are doing charity work in Eastern Europe, to be more exact - we support Ukrainian orphans. We are in urgent need of your support and attention.