Saturday, March 16, 2013

Answered Prayer!!!!

Answered Prayer!!!!!  We just received a donation for the extra bag fee for the socks, skateboard and donated toys that came in to bring back to the orphanage in Ukraine.  God is good and meeting every need even right before take off!  Again we cannot THANK EVERYONE that has supported us in prayer and donations to be on this trip and for this luggage.  This has just confirmed that God is calling us to be on this trip with the team.  This to me just brings me to my knees and prayer to thank our heavenly Father for all the ones that answered the call to His work whether is be in prayer, donations of others, foster care, adoption, seeking to care for the widows or ones in distress.  So easily it is to see so much wrong in this world and the corruption, hate, anger, sin, etc around us but when you see the body of God move to glorify Him in the help of another it is the most beautiful thing to be witness to and take part of.  Words cannot describe.  I have seen others come to our aid to bring Tania and Stopha home and now this mission trip and it leaves me in total awe and totally floored that me the one that can talk paint off the wall I am completely speechless.  We are pre-packing and do the final packing tomorrow with the team and we are headed to Ukraine the 21st. 

We ask for prayer as the team prepares to travel.  When we fly out of Kiev into region it is a snow day of all days so we ask for protection in our travels. Protection over the team and you know Satan always loves a grand appearance and I know he has been at work here the last couple weeks.  Prayer for the kids we reach out to that they hearts are wide open to let us in and hear the word of God.  That they will talk to us and let us into their lives to bring them into your home to pray for them and to hear about each of them especially the ones we advocate for.  That God uses us to be His foot soldiers and to serve serve serve serve serve and it is for His glory and pleases Him.  Lastly I am still sick, this cold aint letting go and I am ready for it to take a hike.  But it is like a tick and likes me, it seems happy to stay.  Gonna go physically run it off here in a bit.  Praying and trusting God can take it away before blast off. 

Again our family thanks you!!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

11 Days & Counting For Take Off!

11 days exactly to blast off to Ukraine.  Hard to believe how fast it has approached.  Our table is forming with the items to bring and still accumulating.

I am a very blessed to have three Ukrainian children that call me "Mama".  I am even more blessed to have all three of my children have the hearts desire to serve their Lord and Savior and be willing to step foot back into the country they once called home and most would never look back or have the desire to return when there was so much pain and hurt associated with it.  This is now Kolyas 3rd trip back to Ukraine to serve with me. 

On this trip the team will be giving cardboard testimonies...
                      This was who Kolya was........

                       This is who Kolya is now.......

       Although I was saved this was the life I had.........

                      This is who I am now.............

God has wonderfully orchestrated an amazing team for this trip which we are so excited to serve with to reach out and teach these orphans about Christ and to love on them.  Being in the service of orphans and others is the closest I feel to God and it is truly amazing. 

Why Ukraine when there are so many other places to serve like right here in our country, USA.  I have been asked time and time again by people who are my family, friends or I do not have a relationship with.  Many have not been supportive of our journey over the years.  Funny enough now those many of folks that have met our children their hearts have changed toward the journey we were called to.  My answer still remains the same to folks that do not agree...we go where God leads us.  We are not put here to serve what others want us to do or think we should do or what is best for us although there intentions may be concern for us but what we specifically are called to do by Christ.  Joe and I have served in youth ministry with at risk you for over 20 years here in the US and have been foster parents and in 2010 God said I have something different for you.  He lead us to New Horizons For Children where we found Kolya and that is a huge story in itself totally orchestrated by God.  In our years of service and foster care God has exposed us to so many things from joy, sadness, loss, restoration, molding, shaping, equipping, training and the list goes on and on.  In the middle of all of this for the last 20 years never in a million years did I ever see where we are at now and man is it GOOD!  And I sit here and give all the complete glory to God.  There was one point in ministry where that glory started to shift in my heart to pride when we were getting noticed for the service and work we were doing with youth and God quickly stopped that 12 years ago when he took my one fear from me, my health.  I was ill and even near death twice which brought me to my knees countless times to where I was ready to give up the fight.  Then I surrendered all and hit the floor after years of complete stubbornness and selfishness and just thinking and praying Lord please make me better verse trying to see what he wanted to teach me.  A little over 2 years ago when I could barely breath and doctors did not know what to do with me because I was getting worse I surrendered all and told God my wish to serve him and glorify him and if he would restore me and give me strength to fight I would be His foot solider.  With every step with my black Labrador, Beau by my side to help support me as I started walking the stairs to gain strength and air God began to heal me one step at a time.  Not even a year later Kolya came into our life.  I am saying all this because again in the middle of it all I never new the great plans God had or was making for our family and future.  And now I sit here with two little incredible kids diagnosed with HIV and it is just a diagnosis but their symptoms were all too familiar to me, had I not been sick for all those years I would have no clue how to help them with their health and seek God to restore their health.  We are watching our two children heal from leaps and bounds mentally and physically and it is incredible and again all the glory be to God.  Now I see how he took something so bad which was me starting to rob His glory years ago and turned it into a beautiful things of restoration not only for me but unfolding before my eyes for my kids.  Why am I saying all this....there are so many people called to adopt here in the US and abroad with very little support and even financially.  They are so discouraged for one reason or another.   I want you to be encouraged if God calls you to jump that no matter all to come ahead if you listen to His call you will be rewarded for that and it may not be the way you expected or planned.  So many folks I have seen and work with go to adopt a specific child and it disrupts whether it be that child gets adopted by another family in country, the child is not legally free, the adoption gets delayed the child passes away the list goes on and does not mean necessarily he is slamming the door but seeing if you are willing to answer His call and then move you forward in His timing to the place and child he has set aside for you.  It also could be like myself my heart was aimed at myself when I was ill and not seeing what God wanted me to see.  God may be wanting to change you or your heart in one or more areas and he needs to see and needs you to be willing to be molded before he will put that specific child(ren) before you.  Then again once you are willing and change he can and will use it for His glory and you could be used specifically to help your child overcome a battle you once had.  Transformation is a beautiful thing when it is for His glory!! 

I am not sure why I added this all in when I am writing our mission trip stuff but I felt I was suppose to so I rolled with what God put on my heart.

Again take off to Ukraine in 11 days.  I ask for your prayers for these kiddos we will be ministering to that their hearts are open and willing to hear His call.  That God uses us as His foot soldiers and put us where he needs us at the specific times.  That He rocks our world for His glory in this ministry time there and we come home changed and on fire for Him and this service.  I pray children's lives are saved and changed for His glory.  I pray for safety in all our travels.  For the protection of the team as we know Satan is on the move to seek and destroy and that our camp is protected and safe by Christ.  I am sick as a dog right now and asking for prayer for a strong and speedy recovery of this snotty mess I am right now.  That God gives us the ability and words in our lessons to reach these kiddos and they will allow to be free and show us who they really are.  I will be interviewing children and I truly pray this so I can see if they can function in a family environment and do my best to advocate for them for their forever family that best meets their needs and who they are.  11 days folks whew wee!!!!  We are pumped and ready to go except I do not want to go with a load of kleenex and boogies!  

What are our needs at this point.  We are packing up and almost ready to roll.  We are funded for this mission trip, we are just asking for prayer listed above and needing a little more funding to get this last extra bag on the plane with us.   We are taking back a box of socks donated and a skateboard Alex and Kolya made for the kids and anything else we can fit in that bag to max it to 50lbs.  We have had a donation of $50.00 come in so we are just short $105.00.  If you would like to send a contribution to help us get this extra bad there to the kids please send me a line or you can email a donation via paypal to and select "Gift" to avoid paypal fees.  
We so appreciate all your prayers and support on this journey ahead.

Please follow us on it following this blog and our FB page at:

God bless!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can You Help Us Get A Suitcase Full Of Stuff Back To The Orphanage???

Ok so last fundraiser for our mission trip to Ukraine before we launch in less then 1 1/2 weeks!!! We have been offered a bunch of socks to take back to the orphanage to the kids we will be working with which is so awesome by Annie Kitching (thank you Annie!) Socks and shoes are always on HUGE demand! Kolya and I are bringing back a skateboard him and Alex who will also be on the trip built out as wellWhen looking at the picture of the boys (Kolya and Alex) it is the board on the left that says "Believe" which is much of what our teaching will be about.  It is a complete board, get up and go! So we are bringing an extra luggage with the donated socks and the skateboard back to the kids and anything else we can fit in that bag to max it to 50lbs! We will have to pay an extra luggage fee. Our fees to bring this luggage on the flights will be a total of $155.00 because we will be taking two flights to our final Ukraine region one getting to Ukraine and one inner-country. If you feel lead to help us get this luggage please contact me or you can send funds directly via paypal to and select "Gift" and please note it is for extra luggage.  

Thank you again for your prayers and support and boy we are getti'n close!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Less Then 21 Days To Go Till Blast Off To Ukraine!

Hell....o folks!  Kolya and I are so excited and want to thank you all for all your prayers and support to help us be on that plane to Ukraine March 21st!  We have the blessing of serving with an amazing team of folks, 3 in which are from Russia and Ukraine and were all three orphans are one time but no more!  So many gifts and talents from each of these folks going and each very individual which is incredible when going to outreach to others.  Kolya, the team and I will be spending 10 days reaching out to the orphans teaching them about Christ and just plain ol'e loving on them.  While there Nicole will be doing interviews to get to know the children in hopes of advocating to find them forever families.  So please stay tuned on this blog to follow along on the trip with us and the awesome work and opportunity God will be laying before us to have the privilege of working with these kiddos.  Also please stay tuned on our FB page:  

 Nicole & Kolya (Kolya adopted from Ukraine)
 Yup This Is My Kolya Just Like His Mama, Always Getting Into Something!

Have I told you how excited I am to get back to my Ukraine toilet paper!  I have not been there in 2 1/2 months and I am having withdrawls! 

Can't you see the withdrawls in my face mix with the joy of getting back to my beloved paper!  




Lastly as mentioned Nicole will be interviewing children and she is praying and hoping to be able to meet "Sasha".  This is the young man she has been asked to advocate for and has but has not had the opportunity to meet.  On this trip if God aligns it all the connection should be met and she has high hopes of getting to know this young man and learning more about him and getting clarity on his situation!  So please keep this young man who is timing out soon and knows his time is short in your prayers......please see below of what we have learned about Sasha from others that have met him so you can be praying for him.

A Phlight For Sasha......Let Me Introduce You To Him!

Folks that no me know I am normally one to do blog posts to try to advocate for orphaned children that I personally have met because they are reached down to the depth of my heart and shouted I am ready to be home.  After we lost Sergiy who we went to adopt last winter in Ukraine, he could not bare to leave his life behind in Ukraine and decided to stay.  I knew in my heart we had lost him before we got there but we still went knowing God said "GO".  After he said no, we returned once again for him to have him say no once more and not be able to leave behind his known life.   For myself it was no different then my own child dying.  No nice way to put it accept I was a freaking disaster and just wanted to lay in bed in my pj's and cry and paste myself to the sofa and not leave hoping this was all a dream and it would go away and we would bring Sergiy home.   And I did exactly that.  Even Joe could not un-glue me from the sofa.  In the midst of this I promised New Horizons For Children I would do interviews in several orphanages before we left to Ukraine for Sergiy.  So I removed my carcass off the sofa and vowed with Joe never to adopt in Ukraine again, never to adopt without hosting (although we had hosted Sergiy and I met him on a team trip), never to adopt period then as time progressed to never adopt a girl, never to adopt a girl from Ukraine and never to adopt special needs.  HEHE!  Ok why to I add that all in there.....because Gods plan and mine were very different.  God showed me who is boss.  I have a beautiful daughter from Ukraine who is a ray of sunshine and a bright light.  I have a son with special needs who stole my heart at hello and well as you all know they are both from Ukraine.  So God not only showed me once but twice after losing Sergiy.  We can think all we want what we think we want but that might not always be what we get or what God knows is best for us.   How do ya like them apples?  OK so where am I going with all this jabber you ask?...............I know now why I was on that trip although Sergiy said was for the Max's I have in the previous post.....for the Kolya's like my son.......for the boy I have pasted here.  When I interviewed the kids for NHFC on that trip and literally trying to keep myself together right before I interviewed because Sergiy had just said no a second time, two children who are now adopted by our best friends now I met and interviewed.  As they walked out of the interview Alex screamed "I want to go to America"!  Well he is here, alive and well and with his family!  PRAISE THE LORD!  God glorified and his work done!  Amen to that!  Did I see that coming in the loss and pain I was soon to bare losing Sergiy.  Not a chance.  I met Max who asked me to find him a family.  I still remember the look in that boys eyes he was my last interview before coming back to America minus one and I knew the trip had not been a wash and that I had to fight for the ones that had no voice to get the word out over here on the US side that wanted a family and were willing to trust and commit and let go of everything they knew to gamble a chance with a family into the unknown with the hope of a forever family of love and care and never being tossed to the wayside.  So this leads me to my post here.  I have not met this boy below but many of my friends have.  Multiple friends have asked my friend Amy McCoy and I to push him.  He has reached into the hearts very strongly of our friends that have traveled and have met him doing missions work in Ukraine.  He has struck a cord and he wants to leave his past and have a future in a family with love and care.  He is a Max and is ready to let go and hoping for something better on the other side.  Max has a family right now on the move for him AMEN!!!  Now Sasha is timing out and his time is near in November 2013 he will not longer be able to be adopted.  Below is a post about Sasha from all the letters we have received about him  from friends and even from him  to our friends.  Please take a look and lets bounce this young man and find his forever family!  Time is short and we need to do a call to action before too late!  
Please meet Sasha!
 Sasha K.

Have you ever seen a more handsome face?  But the amazing thing about Sasha is what is on the inside.  He is a poet and deep thinker and longs for a family.  I just know that God has one for him and it is my goal to share him with as many people as possible until his mama and daddy see him are are moved in their hearts to go and bring this precious, sweet boy home.  What a tremendous blessing he will be to his family!  All he wants is to belong and to love and be loved.  Please read and share far and wide and help Sasha to come home.  His very life depends on it.  He is 15 and will age out of the orphanage system November 14, 2013.  With no where to go.  No skills or connections to help him find a job.  And no family to help him become a man... 
 Sasha (in the red shirt) with other children, learning how to do "the wave", a break dance move.
 From Tiffany, who participated in a mission trip to Sasha's orphanage last year: He talked to us about really wanting a family. We call him Acrobat Sasha because he did several back flips off the playground equipment. During our last trip, he was quiet at first and stayed in the back. But he was always there. He opened up after a short while and then wanted to hold our hands and give us hugs. I've written to him several times and I've attached a letter I got back.  He is in the first picture and his letter is on page two, he is a poet!  He has been at the orphanage for seven years.  It seems like everyone who goes there and meets him falls in love with him. Letter to Tiffany from a caregiver at Sasha's orphanage:
 Dear Tiff,
 I`ve got your Package yesterday in the morning. All the boys were happy to get your letters and gifts! Thank you for the gift for me too, I liked it very much =)! I brought the boxes to boys and I plan to bring the socks next weekends for girls and boys.
The little Vova was so excited, that he even didn`t understand what`s happened, but a little later he came and jumped on me with a big smile. Can you imagine? I have NEVER seen him so happy =)!
 I send you a picture where Sasha and Iliya were reading and discovering your letters/boxes with gifts
                  Sasha (in the green shirt) and Ilya opening their gifts mentioned in the letter above.

Letter to Tiffany from Sasha:
I`ve spent 7 years in orphanage. My Birthday is in November 14. I don`t have parents and I would like you to become my mother and I would like to have Iliya as my brother. If you want you can adopt us.

I love you as a bird loves heaven
I love you as sun loves Earth
I love you as you love me.

Your friend, Sasha K.
Would be an amazing son or what???  So much love to give but no family to give it to...

The following is from my friend Sabrina, who also participated on a mission trip to Sasha's orphanage:
I can tell you that several of our team members from our March trip fell in love with this kind and sweet young man. (He loves to do flips and is an excellent acrobat. There are several Sashas here so the orphanage friends and prayer warriors, we refer to him as "Sweet Acrobat Sasha").  Today I met up with another mission team I had served with on my first trip - I didn't know he knew them, but he was very happy to spend time with them. They also spoke volumes of good things about Sasha, confirming what I already knew and had heard from so many others.  Adoptive families have also noticed this special kid and although they weren't able to bring him home with them, are praying and trying to find a family for him.
This summer we had the opportunity to talk to some of the orphanage workers and they tell us he is a VERY good boy. He wants to be adopted very badly and has been clear about letting his desire be known to others. I have been told by orphanage workers and those who minister at the orphanage regularly that for years he has been asking if there is a family for him ... if anyone knows of a family for him ...  I have been told that he is truly an orphan - truly alone - with no siblings, family, relatives or visitors.  

From what I have observed, he longs for attention and affection (loves hugs and melts when I give him a kiss on the forehead) but does not seek it out. He often stands off to the side, or is around - the younger ones and those more assertive about trying to get attention / affection are the first ones you will see - unless you step back and see this sweet boy watching ... wanting to be a part of things. When invited in, or when time is made to talk with him - he really enjoys it. He gives eye contact , smiles and has always been very respectful towards me.
He seeks out interaction and comes to visit when mission teams are there. He enjoys being around people and even when lessons are geared towards younger children he will often hang around ... to be close and loves when he is invited to help out. He is not at all clingy - just has a strong desire to connect. From what I have observed, he is a very good leader - though more the quiet strong type - the kids look up to him and he is respected (not feared).  He spends quite a bit of time with the younger kids - they look up to him as he is like a big brother to them. When he was sick and in the hospital they were concerned and would say how much they missed him.

Sasha seems to enjoy the responsibility of helping and is eager is please. He is a great acrobat, loves playing soccer, listening to music and is interested in cars (would like to draw / design cars one day).  

What has gotten to my heart the most this trip is catching him watch us or another adoptive family - and seeing the longing that he has.  Time is of the essence as he turned 16 in November (2013).  Thank you for praying for Sasha and for sharing him as you are able.

  Notice how he is holding someone's hand here.  Melt my heart! Sasha being a teen and having been rejected like all orphans he will need a consistent, firm and loving family that is equipped to help him deal with his emotional needs and loss.  For more information about Sasha and his needs please inquire.