Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can You Help Us Get A Suitcase Full Of Stuff Back To The Orphanage???

Ok so last fundraiser for our mission trip to Ukraine before we launch in less then 1 1/2 weeks!!! We have been offered a bunch of socks to take back to the orphanage to the kids we will be working with which is so awesome by Annie Kitching (thank you Annie!) Socks and shoes are always on HUGE demand! Kolya and I are bringing back a skateboard him and Alex who will also be on the trip built out as wellWhen looking at the picture of the boys (Kolya and Alex) it is the board on the left that says "Believe" which is much of what our teaching will be about.  It is a complete board, get up and go! So we are bringing an extra luggage with the donated socks and the skateboard back to the kids and anything else we can fit in that bag to max it to 50lbs! We will have to pay an extra luggage fee. Our fees to bring this luggage on the flights will be a total of $155.00 because we will be taking two flights to our final Ukraine region one getting to Ukraine and one inner-country. If you feel lead to help us get this luggage please contact me or you can send funds directly via paypal to and select "Gift" and please note it is for extra luggage.  

Thank you again for your prayers and support and boy we are getti'n close!!!

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