Monday, July 30, 2012

Steven Has Been Offered A $3,000.00 Grant Match!!! Can You Help Us Make This Match & We Will Be Close To Fully Funded???

We are so blessed beyond words moving mock speed to get back to our little man!  We were offered two different grant matches that total $3,000.00 (one for $2,000.00 & another for $1,000.00).  We are a total of $9,000.00 short for Kolya and I to travel back to Steven.  If We Can Make This $3,000.00 Into $6,000.00 We Will Only Be $3,000.00 Short For Take Off!!!!! HEHA!!!! 

The Dossier Is Almost Done Just Waiting On A Couple Docs To Arrive.  My Table Is Loaded With Steven's Clothes, My Personal Handi Wipes & Tissues For Personal Use & Eastern Europe Tee-Pee Is All Ready To Go! Got My Big Ol'e Bubble Wands The Kids Rock...Nothing Like Bubbles With Kids! Got My Ukrainian Purse....I Am Ready To Roll..... I Gathered Verse Putting Everything Away I Might As Well Prepare the Fields For Take-Off For Us Again & I Ain't Wasting No Time.  (:

Reece's Rainbow Just Got Steven's FSP Donation Account Up In Order To Accept Tax-Deductible Donations.  Folks During Tania's Adoption Would Email Apologizing For Only Making Small Donations.....No Donation Is To Small, I Literally Mean That.  God Honors Any Donation To Expand His Kingdom & Fullfill His Commandment To Seek & Care For The Orphans & Widows.  He Will Take Care Of The Multiplying.  He Has Done It Many Times With The Families Joe & I Have Worked In The Hosting Orphan Ministry, The Orphan Outreach Ministry We Are Involved In Right Now & He Has Done It For Us & He Surely Can Do It Again!  I Am Right Back To Trust & Obey.

Today Tania, Kolya & I Went And Got A Couple Things To Mail To Steven To Let Him Know We Are Missing & Thinking Of Him & For The Other Kiddos Like Lance That Still Needs A Forever Family (HINT:  She Had A Great Time Being Very Particular As To Pick The Best Items Out To Fit Her Wingman, Steven.  Last Night When We Read Her A Story And Tucked Her In She Asked If Steven Can Sleep In The Room With Her Like They Use To.....She Missed Him.  This Is Awesome!  Can't Wait To Get The Kids Back Together Again.  We Are All Anxiously Awaiting Take-Off To Go Get Him!  (:

Tania, wing-man Steven & Kolya!

Again A BIG Thank You From Our Family To Yours!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yes Our Fundraising Amount Changed.......

OK ya all as we are approaching our dossier being sent to be Apostilled and then forwarded on to  Eastern Europe we are close to start counting down the days to get an appointment.  You may have seen our fundraising dollar go from $7,143.95 to now $9000.00.  Why the jump you say? This morning Kolya came up to me knowing the needs of Steven and said "Mum I want to go back to Ukraine with you to help with Steven".  So I am never one to deny my son of the service of others when that is the one thing I want my children to grow up doing.
So this is why you see the jump in funds is to get my son, Kolya on that plane with me to help bring Steven home.  

I know the staff at Stevens school will be thrilled to see Kolya again, they loved him and it was mutual.  

I am so grateful to know that we do not need the full adoption expenses!!!  Let me tell you! We are so extremely blessed in that God only multiplied them when we were in Eastern Europe for Tania.  So we are so close, $9000.00 away from bringing Steven home!

Folks you were my prayer warriors bringing Tania home and I ask for your prayers for us to get this awesome young man home that I so love and adore and miss like crazy!  

I have been asked if Reece's Rainbow has a donation link up yet and at this point not as of yet.  So please keep an eye out on his page it should be up anytime.  But for now we have our "ChipIn" box on the top of our page should you feel lead to donate for Steven:

When Kolya, Tania and I were in Eastern Europe we collected unique items by artists we brought home in order to sell to bring Steven home.  If you would like to check them out and bid on an item ALL funds go to Stevens adoption.  Please check them out at:

Remember this is where we started before we even met Tania or Steven but knew we were called by God to go adopt Tania.....

Once again our family thanks you for being the hands and feet of God!  This is what your prayers and support did by answering the call from God to help our family.....please see below!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steven.......Let Me Introduce You To The Little Man That Stole My Heart!!

Yup this is Steven he had me at "Mama...mama...mama"on day one.  The rest is history.  He knows we love him, he knows were coming for him along with all the staff at his school.  We are scurrying as fast as we can scramble to get back to him.  Why did we not adopt him while we were there with Tania?  Our homestudy was a year short for our adoptive we are starting over with the homestudy and dossier and doing everything NOW!  

With all the amazing blessing of prayer, support and funding that came in on my last post before we left.  This circled my mind then and circles my mind now.....

"Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see he glory of God"?  -John 11:40

Folks this is all so true I say this because we took what we needed and God provided more as though he was filling our cup as we were spending it on Tania's adoption.  I have never seen anything like this.  I sit here still on Eastern Europe time looking at our accounting and seeing we only need $7,143.95 to be funded for me to do a whole nother adoption and return for Steven.  This is absolutely amazing!  Folks that is it and we can go get him once the paperwork is done.  With the RR team we are expecting to have me traveling in 2 months or less.  Joe and I are not wasting anytime to get him home and he is ready and waiting for Mama and Papa.  Man I got his foot size, his clothes size I even have his head size! LOL!

So with this small amount left to raise for Stevens Adoption Kolya, Tania and I hit the streets of Eastern Europe in search of unique items to sale from there.  

To view all the BEAUTIFUL items up for bidding please go to:
 (Or Click The Link Below To Take You To The Items Up For Bid!)

Please stay tuned to follow us on our journey to return for Steven!  To read about Steven please visit:


UPDATE 7/27/12:
Update on getting back to our little man: The last piece for our new homestudy was Tania's medical which was completed today. She got a good bill of health, healthy as a horse! HEHA! We head to Duke University on the 30th to get her checked out further and monitor her HIV. Soon as we get the thumbs up for everyone that all looks good on our homestudy then off to it goes to the USCIS to update it. Then by golly all the docs which should be in by Monday/Tuesday next week and then headed for Apsotilling then off to Ukraine. God is not wasting anytime nor am I. We are on the move as long as God permits. So thank you again for all your prayers and support for our family and Steven! He is one special young man!

this life matters

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Yesterday I found out that “my” Steven had found his forever family. I was and am still so overwhelmed with emotion over hearing about this.
When I first found out about Reece’s Rainbow, I would browse through the listed children, reading each bio, crying over them, praying for them….I would just sit there heartbroken, through blurry eyes, looking at these sweet faces.
One in particular that caught my eye was Steven…..
Just look at that face.
I would look at his bio daily, there was just something about him that tugged at my heart in an awful, crazy kind of way. I told myself if Todd ever said yes to adoption, this was the little boy I was going to bring home. Pretty soon I wouldn’t even read his bio anymore because I had it memorized. Words like HIV positive and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome took on less and less meaning to me. However, his sweet little face became more meaningful to me, and it’s now forever ingrained into my memory. This little boy changed something in me I couldn’t even begin to understand, let alone explain.
I don’t know why God gave me these feelings for this little boy whom I’ve never met? Of the hundreds of kids on this site, why this one? What was it about it him? I have to be honest here and say that at times I don’t understand how I could feel this way when I couldn’t be the one to bring him home. However, deep down I know God’s plan for Steven’s life was perfectly thought out, before He had even so beautifully created him.
As I think of God’s plan for Steven’s life,  I realize he has already begun to use this little boy for His glory.
In my own life, He has used Steven and his unfolding story to show me what it means to love. To serve. To trust. To give. To be humble. To be selfless. To live and give sacrificially. Here I was asking God, “How can I be the hands and feet for you, for these orphans?” “What can I do for Steven if I’m not meant to adopt him?”
Meanwhile, He was using Steven all along to change my heart on so many levels and to prepare me for what’s to come…..
I can only begin to imagine how God is going to use him to touch the hearts and lives of other people.
 I am so grateful he has a family! And although I’ve never met his family outside of the Internet, I LOVE them! They are going to give him a beautiful, loving home, centered on Christ.
What could be more beautiful and perfect than that?!
Just to give you an idea of what Steven is like, as well as his mommy, I’ve included a portion of Nicole and Steven’s story, just little tidbits about what’s happened, but there is so much more, which I hope to hear all about one day!
 —- “None of us could hide that that kiddo (Steven) and us love each other.  He was tied at the hip all the time.  Each night he would tell the nannies, “This is my mama.” when I would visit in the morning and at night.  We told him and he came running to me and hugged me and said “You are my mama”.  He blows kisses to me every night.  Tania (The little girl the Dewberry’s are currently adopting from the same orphanage as Steven) and Steven and Kolya and I spent the last couple hours all together.  The nannies and I took all his measurement to get everything ready for him.  My heart has been stolen by a 5 year old!  (:” —
— ”On Tania’s gotcha day we told the nannies who we adore and have been hinting how I am mama to him so they told him.  He was holding my hand when they told him right after he said “This is my mama”  they said, “She sure is and she is coming to adopt you.”  His smile was so huge he hugged my legs and said “Mama I love You”.  Director and home lawyer know.  The whole ball of wax.  So we got to leave with my boy knowing we are coming for him. He blows great kisses too!  Got his measurements so we are good to go to get stuff ready for him and my return trip!  (:” —
I don’t know about you, but hearing little pieces of this little boy getting a mommy just melt my heart like you wouldn’t believe!
I’ve been talking with his mom and there are a couple things I want to share. First is that someone has offered a $2,000 matching grant!!! That means if we can get people to donate to this little boy, we can turn that $2,000 into $4,000 in no time! That will bring the Dewberry’s that much closer to bringing Steven home! On the right side of my blog there is a chip-in for Steven. Let’s see if we can’t get his chip-in to 2K to get the matching grant put in!!! 
Keep in mind the Dewberry’s are currently in country bringing Tania home. Because they met/decided to adopt Steven once at the orphanage, Nicole will have to travel back. So between all the adoption fees/travel, there is most definitely going to be a need for funds!
Also, I am going to start my own little fundraising for him. Keep your eye out for an upcoming post with that information. I also want to share sweet, little Lance with you guys next time too!
Psalms 68:5-6 “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.”
God is so good and faithful! I am just overjoyed right now, I feel like one of my own children is coming home!
Steven is not forsaken.
He is fearfully and wonderfully made.
He is loved.
God has been preparing the hearts of his parents all this time.
This life matters! I can’t wait to see what God does with it!