Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yes Our Fundraising Amount Changed.......

OK ya all as we are approaching our dossier being sent to be Apostilled and then forwarded on to  Eastern Europe we are close to start counting down the days to get an appointment.  You may have seen our fundraising dollar go from $7,143.95 to now $9000.00.  Why the jump you say? This morning Kolya came up to me knowing the needs of Steven and said "Mum I want to go back to Ukraine with you to help with Steven".  So I am never one to deny my son of the service of others when that is the one thing I want my children to grow up doing.
So this is why you see the jump in funds is to get my son, Kolya on that plane with me to help bring Steven home.  

I know the staff at Stevens school will be thrilled to see Kolya again, they loved him and it was mutual.  

I am so grateful to know that we do not need the full adoption expenses!!!  Let me tell you! We are so extremely blessed in that God only multiplied them when we were in Eastern Europe for Tania.  So we are so close, $9000.00 away from bringing Steven home!

Folks you were my prayer warriors bringing Tania home and I ask for your prayers for us to get this awesome young man home that I so love and adore and miss like crazy!  

I have been asked if Reece's Rainbow has a donation link up yet and at this point not as of yet.  So please keep an eye out on his page it should be up anytime.  But for now we have our "ChipIn" box on the top of our page should you feel lead to donate for Steven:

When Kolya, Tania and I were in Eastern Europe we collected unique items by artists we brought home in order to sell to bring Steven home.  If you would like to check them out and bid on an item ALL funds go to Stevens adoption.  Please check them out at:

Remember this is where we started before we even met Tania or Steven but knew we were called by God to go adopt Tania.....

Once again our family thanks you for being the hands and feet of God!  This is what your prayers and support did by answering the call from God to help our family.....please see below!

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