Monday, July 30, 2012

Steven Has Been Offered A $3,000.00 Grant Match!!! Can You Help Us Make This Match & We Will Be Close To Fully Funded???

We are so blessed beyond words moving mock speed to get back to our little man!  We were offered two different grant matches that total $3,000.00 (one for $2,000.00 & another for $1,000.00).  We are a total of $9,000.00 short for Kolya and I to travel back to Steven.  If We Can Make This $3,000.00 Into $6,000.00 We Will Only Be $3,000.00 Short For Take Off!!!!! HEHA!!!! 

The Dossier Is Almost Done Just Waiting On A Couple Docs To Arrive.  My Table Is Loaded With Steven's Clothes, My Personal Handi Wipes & Tissues For Personal Use & Eastern Europe Tee-Pee Is All Ready To Go! Got My Big Ol'e Bubble Wands The Kids Rock...Nothing Like Bubbles With Kids! Got My Ukrainian Purse....I Am Ready To Roll..... I Gathered Verse Putting Everything Away I Might As Well Prepare the Fields For Take-Off For Us Again & I Ain't Wasting No Time.  (:

Reece's Rainbow Just Got Steven's FSP Donation Account Up In Order To Accept Tax-Deductible Donations.  Folks During Tania's Adoption Would Email Apologizing For Only Making Small Donations.....No Donation Is To Small, I Literally Mean That.  God Honors Any Donation To Expand His Kingdom & Fullfill His Commandment To Seek & Care For The Orphans & Widows.  He Will Take Care Of The Multiplying.  He Has Done It Many Times With The Families Joe & I Have Worked In The Hosting Orphan Ministry, The Orphan Outreach Ministry We Are Involved In Right Now & He Has Done It For Us & He Surely Can Do It Again!  I Am Right Back To Trust & Obey.

Today Tania, Kolya & I Went And Got A Couple Things To Mail To Steven To Let Him Know We Are Missing & Thinking Of Him & For The Other Kiddos Like Lance That Still Needs A Forever Family (HINT:  She Had A Great Time Being Very Particular As To Pick The Best Items Out To Fit Her Wingman, Steven.  Last Night When We Read Her A Story And Tucked Her In She Asked If Steven Can Sleep In The Room With Her Like They Use To.....She Missed Him.  This Is Awesome!  Can't Wait To Get The Kids Back Together Again.  We Are All Anxiously Awaiting Take-Off To Go Get Him!  (:

Tania, wing-man Steven & Kolya!

Again A BIG Thank You From Our Family To Yours!!!!

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  1. so happy to find your blog. I was drawn to Steven and Lance's profiles on RR and now I'm overjoyed I get to watch your journey. I'll be praying for you and for a family for Lance since we aren't in a position to adopt.