Saturday, March 16, 2013

Answered Prayer!!!!

Answered Prayer!!!!!  We just received a donation for the extra bag fee for the socks, skateboard and donated toys that came in to bring back to the orphanage in Ukraine.  God is good and meeting every need even right before take off!  Again we cannot THANK EVERYONE that has supported us in prayer and donations to be on this trip and for this luggage.  This has just confirmed that God is calling us to be on this trip with the team.  This to me just brings me to my knees and prayer to thank our heavenly Father for all the ones that answered the call to His work whether is be in prayer, donations of others, foster care, adoption, seeking to care for the widows or ones in distress.  So easily it is to see so much wrong in this world and the corruption, hate, anger, sin, etc around us but when you see the body of God move to glorify Him in the help of another it is the most beautiful thing to be witness to and take part of.  Words cannot describe.  I have seen others come to our aid to bring Tania and Stopha home and now this mission trip and it leaves me in total awe and totally floored that me the one that can talk paint off the wall I am completely speechless.  We are pre-packing and do the final packing tomorrow with the team and we are headed to Ukraine the 21st. 

We ask for prayer as the team prepares to travel.  When we fly out of Kiev into region it is a snow day of all days so we ask for protection in our travels. Protection over the team and you know Satan always loves a grand appearance and I know he has been at work here the last couple weeks.  Prayer for the kids we reach out to that they hearts are wide open to let us in and hear the word of God.  That they will talk to us and let us into their lives to bring them into your home to pray for them and to hear about each of them especially the ones we advocate for.  That God uses us to be His foot soldiers and to serve serve serve serve serve and it is for His glory and pleases Him.  Lastly I am still sick, this cold aint letting go and I am ready for it to take a hike.  But it is like a tick and likes me, it seems happy to stay.  Gonna go physically run it off here in a bit.  Praying and trusting God can take it away before blast off. 

Again our family thanks you!!! 

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