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Time To Move & Shake For These Kids To See Them Home!

It is time for us to move and shake in an effort to try to bring some kiddos home to their forever families that are hoping for a Mama and Papa.  I have spent 4 months with these kiddos and would be happy to share with you our experience and time we have had with them.  

Let me introduce you to Alex and Michael. These two boys are a riot.  I spent 4 months with them and they were with us on a daily basis and very close to all our boys.  Michael is more quiet and reserved and Alex is full of grins and hugs and a little more on the social side.  They are both playful but in a fun friendly non-aggressive manner with each other and others.  They both love having older brotherly figures in their life.   Once they know you they just want to be around you and physically near you.  Neither one of the boys are commanding of your attention nor are they ones to push others out of the way to get it.  They are more on the outside looking in just waiting their turn or for you to call them in.  They boys are very close to one another and it is awesome to watch them play and just be boys together.  It is clear they care very much for one another.  Michael like gidgets and gadgets and likes to play video games on anyone’s cell phone he can get a hold of and he is not one to find much on the soccer field.  He is smart and a thinker observing.  You can have fun conversations with both of the boys cracking jokes and being silly and they get it.  Alex is also very intelligent and has an outgoing personality and loves to smile and laugh.  He is good at being silly and being a boy.  He loves card games.  He will play soccer and gets out there as well as riding bikes.  They play well with other kids.  The older boys in the school like Michael but you could see he wanted their acceptance and he would let them play rough with him and he took it.  But he personally showed no signs of being a bully to any younger kids.  Both have a calm nature about them.   Both boys are liked very much by everyone and never did we witness any aggression from either of the boys to others or each other.  Michael is known to admit when he does do something wrong and come fourth and take the consequences.  He is even bothered with when he does something wrong and does not get a consequence and/or may even get the lighter of the punishment even though he is just as guilty as others that may be involved.  Both boys are incredibly sweet and fun loving and again just want to be near you even if sitting on a log just cracking jokes or hanging on the monkey bars like we did.  Simple good living, totally awesome boys whom we want to see home.  If interested in more information on the boys please let me know and I can give you more details.

Meet Raul!  Raul is a very engaging young man.  He is full of smiles and really likes learning English.  He has a few words and some sentences already his belt.  He will try to have a conversation with you and will repeat what you say in an effort to understand you.  He prefers to be in the presence of adults verse many of his peers.  He is very professional in a business-like manner when he speaks with you and how he dresses.  You will often find him in his school uniform.  He loves to carry around his green brief case with a frog on it.  He is ready to make a deal.  He is not one to be found playing sports or soccer on the field but engaging in conversation or helping the adult supervisors in the boarding school.  He is very well liked by the staff and helpful to them.  He loves swimming and just being near you.  He is very receptive to hugs and willing to give and take them.  He is one to grab your hand, hold it while you walk and it just makes his day!  My children went to school with Raul and they explained to me he is a Christian and believes in Jesus.  He would speak to my daughter often about Jesus and his faith.  :)

Meet Luke & Jason!  These two brothers are awesome.  Love them to pieces.  These two are very close to our son we just adopted Bogdan.  Luke came up to me with Bogdan the first day I met him and asked me if I would help him find a family.  His brother Jason is at an age where he wants to fit in with the big kids but is not accepted by them yet so he can be treated badly.  One time he went to play soccer with them and they said some awful things to him and he started crying and I chased him down and he fell into my arms crying.  That is when I asked him point blank do you want me to help you find a family.  I cannot make any promises but I will fight darn hard for you.  He said yes please.  He has still held firm to hoping a family will come for him and his brother.  They both are incredible soccer players.  They love it, this is their passion and what they cling to to help the days pass.  They both play on teams.  Both good students and tough as nails.  Luke is soft, kind and tender and Jason is more tough in personality that he wants to look like he has it all under control but is breaking inside and is just a kid trying to find his way and hoping a family will come for him.  Both their smiles can light up a room.  I have fixed boo boos on Luke and he has allowed me to and thankful for the help as these kids get wounds all the time and no one to fix them unless serious.  Luke is a snuggler and loves hugs.  Jason once he knows you he will let you hold him and you talk to him and he hears you seeking encouragement and direction.   Both these boys had asked and are hoping for a forever family to come for them.  


If you want a clown in the house to make you giggle this is your man.  S is ALL SMILES....his smile is infectious!  He loves to tell jokes and say silly things to make you laugh yet on the flip side he is totally tender.  Meaning if he says something he has no clue is wrong and you call him out on it, the look on his face is like he blew it and he is sorry and says I am sorry.  He really takes it to heart.  These kids are learning English and so many times they are taught things not having a clue that it is bad until some American shows up and tell them.  He is generous and just wants to be with you.  Whenever we would leave he would ask when we would come back.  He loves hugs and will just hang on.  He is not all over you and in your face....he is always right there but not fighting for attention.  This boy so badly wants a family to love him and he can be part of.  He is an incredible soccer player like so many at his school.  I have seen some boys be nasty and rough with one another and strike out to hurt them and he is one I have not seen act out in my over the month time with him.  This boy is MORE then ready to come home and waiting for someone to jump for him! Please inquire with me about "S" as there are some things any adoptive families should be informed of should they feel lead to adopt him in regards to siblings.

This is our Bogdan on the left and "Banana" on the right.  Yes we call him banana.  The kids when we first met them they would do something that would make us think of something and well his silly sense of humor landed him with the name banana.  He has no family.  This boy is running solo, no family and he is one incredible kid.  When I first met him he was cracking jokes, shy and tough as nails.  Not mean, just tough.  He is all boy.  And over time when he realized I am a wise cracker myself we became buddies.  He is no joking the best soccer player even over the older kids I have seen.  He plays on a soccer team and competes.  I joked with him and told him I need his autograph now so when the big leagues come looking for him I can say I know this boy.  :)  He does not take himself too seriously in that he is a good player in fact he does not take himself serious at all.  The more I encouraged him the more attached he became to me and you would see him wandering in his mind of all the things he does not have and wishes for.  He thrived on encouragement you can see he was and is lacking.   I bought him a banana because he is of course banana and the smile on his face and thank you, you would of thought I gave him a piece of gold.  He would come to me and give me a hug when no eyes were looking.  He would just often stand back and stare at me with Bogdan and just watch.  He did not come to me personally to ask to find him a family because of his situation which I can explain in private but he did go to Bogdan and ask him for my help.  On the last day I saw him before taking Bogdan he took a chance and said across the walkway to me for all the kids to hear "Mama" looking right at me smiling when no caregivers were around then put his head down shyly.  He took a risk.  This is one boy I want to see home.  When he smiles you cannot help but to laugh because again he is a funny jokster and loves when you joke back with him. When you watch his coach talk to him he is all ears.  He wants to please, he wants to get it right.  If he is told what to do by the staff he listen and does what is asked.  He is a good student.  What breaks this boy in two.....and crushes him to the bone.....?  The only thing he has because there is no family and that is if he misses a soccer game he thought he would have.  He is sad and broken but quickly rebounds.  This boy is focused like a laser.   Let's see him home!  Banana will be available after March 2015.  


This is "O", she is our Bogdan's best friend! She is tough as nails and can keep up with the boys. You will not find her hanging with the girls but the boys. She played on the soccer league with Bogdan. She is HIV positive but that does not stop her. She is healthy and a go getter. When her coaches push her harder to keep up with the boys she does not get bad but tries harder. She is absolutely brilliant. She like Bogdan was learning English in class so she is learning, willing and able to. She loves riding a bike and is learning to swim independently. She has an Aunt and some family but since day one she has said she wished for a family but never came out and asked me outright but would hint. Well yesterday she got in the car with our facilitator and spilled the beans about her life and asked her to please find her a family. She is ready. Oh how Bogdan wants to see her home. If you ask her for help she is one to jump and be right there to help you. She is kind and nice. Although tough she is a girl and does have that sensitive side. She has an adorable crooked boyish smile. You can crack jokes with her like one of the boys. This girl was so bold that she confronted her Aunt and told her she wanted a family.  Today when I went to visit the kids "O" said her aunt told her to let us help her find a family.  She needs a family to love and care for her.  She now has the support of her family to be adopted.  She is legally free and so badly wanting a family. Let's see her home!!!!! 

This is "D" she is an amazingly beautiful young lady inside and out.  She has no known medical conditions.  She has such a strong desire for family that on our last trip out to see our children she had tears in her eyes as she watched me with my children.  Just crushed me and only want to fight for her all the more.  She is very shy but she was brave enough to seek myself and our adoption facilitator out in order to ask for help to find her a family.  "D' is 14 and legally free.  She has 3 older brother whom are all aged out so she is alone.  She is known for being one of the best students in class and is working on learning English.  She loves cats and dogs but really loves cats.  She loves to dance and loves Korean music and hopes to visit Korea one day.  She is a runner and that is her favorite sport.  If she could have a choice to read, be on the computer or play with friends you would find "D" reading.  Her 3 wishes are to have a family, do well in school and be in a home with a family not an orphanage.  She would love to learn the Korean language.  Her fears are good legit ones which is drowning.  She can swim but that is her one fear.  My daughter and her are very close.  I asked Angelica how she would describe "D" and she gave me a great description!  Kind, funny, has character, responsible, smart, good and has a great memory.  Her favorite subject in school is English.  Her least favorite is Math.  Her ideal family would be not to be an only child.  She would love siblings.  She would love to have a little sister and would love to be in a large family.  Since she has opened up to myself and my facilitator "D" is with us all the time when we visit.  She is reaching far and wide in hopes a family will come forward for her!  Are you her family?

This is Selena she is 13 years old and is HIV positive.  I was not able to spend a lot of time with her but myself and my facilitator were asked to help her find a family.  She has expressed how she would love a family as well as her caretakers.  She was not picky in what she wanted in a family but just would love to be in one.  She is very shy.  I did not have a lot of one on one time to sit alone with her.  But I will say that she hangs out with many of the girls I know.  My children that went to school with her said she stays out of trouble and is a very good girl.  She has a very calm demeanor and self controlled.  Very polite! 

This is Daniel.  He is 14 years old and legally free.  The best way to describe him is no hope and now has hope....hope for a family....hope to be loved...hope to feel worthy of that love and affection.  I have watched this young man that was in a shell when I met him open up, smile, hug, giggle and just blossom in the short time I have known him.  The idea of hope there could he a family out there for him brings life, light and joy to him.  His future without family is grim....the odds are staked against him.  There is much I know of this young mans history and oh how I want to see him home with a forever family and to experience the love of a family.  The joy of safety in the arms of his mother and father.  Where he desires to be.  He is shy yet can be on guard in fear of being hurt by others so his defenses are up.  But as I wrote I am watching them come down as trust is built.   He is polite and I have seen him show respect to his elders and do as they ask.  One time he did not want to offend me but his teacher was calling him and I did not know.  He did not want to disobey her and he did not want to hurt my feelings.  The poor boy was stuck on what to do.  Then I figured out what was going on and sent him to his teacher.  He is silly and has a great sense of humor.  He wants to be a professional soccer player when he grows up as this is his favorite sport.  He lives and breathes it as he has nothing else.  I asked him if he had a choice to be a leader or follower or really does not care what would he choose.  He said he really did not care.  He did not need to be either.  He just wanted a normal life and to be in a family and be able to talk with his older brother.  He did not need to live next to him but just be able to hear his voice and talk every now and then.  His favorite subject is Physical Fitness of course :).  His least favorite subject is Ukrainian Language.  He would love to learn English as they do not teach it in his school and fly on a plane.  His 3 wishes would be to have a family, have a normal life in a family not an orphanage and to be a professional soccer player.  He also enjoys playing ping pong, swimming and basketball.  He wanted to make sure I knew how badly he wanted a family that he said please tell a family that will consider me that I will do anything to help them, I will work hard to help them, whatever they need and I will do as they ask. He just wants to come home. 



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  1. I love your blog. It is one of my favorites. I love your commitment to these children and teens and that regardless of the outcome, you never give up on them and you never stop trying for them. Thank you for sharing.