Thursday, October 13, 2011

Totally Radical......

Ok I know I sound like a teenie bopper.  But yes totally radical defines the news I got today!

Basically long story short is as we are preparing for these boys and their visit at Christmas and knowing we have full intention to adopt should God swing that door right open.  We knew we were up against the clock on the little guys because of the registry and being able to be back there in time should the Lord again call us to adopt them.  What I mean by this is because they will be on the registry after a certain date they will be available and up for adoption by anyone the SDA sends their way despite us adopting them and our intentions to adopt until we physically get the referral.  Plus where we are also up against the clock in that we need to have a homestudy there now in Ukraine in order to be ready to get our bootie there asap which takes time because the younger you list on your home study age wise the longer it takes to process and get a SDA travel date.  Were having to go real low.  So Tonya our US facilitator who has been working with us and did Kolya's adoption we agree'd we need to focus and put our priorities into getting back to the little ones and lining everything up. 

Little did I think in the midst of it all at the same timeframe Sergiy becomes 16 and times out of the orphanage.  He has no family to anchor and keep him there.  Holy after talking with Tonya and our amazing.....did I say AMAZING gals that do our homestudies we are getting our homestudy back there asap in order to be lined up with the SDA for both sets of kiddos being it can take a lot of time to get a travel date. 

This is a pure miracle and I am just sitting here in amazement.  Joe and I have decided to just leave this all up to God and as we did before Kolya came which is...we know no matter what this is in Gods hands and we don't move unless a door opens.  If it doesn't work out and as bad as it may be God has his reasons we may not see or understand but we know he is in charge and that's the way we want and like it.  We take each door as it comes in prayer for the next step should he open it to move forward.  Will it mean that we are to adopt all the boys or just one?  We don't know but we do trust the Lord does and at this point he just opened a door so we are moving forward. 

So we are excited and grateful and I sit here thinking, I need a larger vehicle.  My truck will not fit us all, I need to enclose in our dining room and make it Joe and I's office and turn my office into the guest room.  This is exciting and I am cracking at the seems with joy! 

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