Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Video Of A Difficult Good-Bye For A Very Special Young Lady Who Was Adopted

I am posting this video to give you a glimpse inside these childrens lives to show you how when living in an orphanage they become family to one another and that is how they survive.  These children are "Pure Survivors" no question.  This is a very touching video of a very special young lady who was adopted by a friend of mine.  It was not only emotional for me to watch because of knowing and meeting some of these kids but also the young man, Sergiy we are hosting is in it.  The short time I had with him I could see so many awesome characteristics and one was the ability to care, attach, bond and care for others.  This video was an awesome thing for me to see and for Joe and Kolya and it only makes us all the more blessed to know we are able to bring him here for Christmas!  

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