Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can You Help Us Launch "Camp Friendship" In Order To Reach The Orphans From Kolya's Hometown?

We are so excited as a family because this is going to be a Ukraine summer!  Kolya and Nicole are in prayer about serving in Ukraine with orphans and children from the poorer villages with one of two different ministries we are looking at.  Then Nicole will be heading out in August/September with NHFC on the team trip to interview the kiddos!  Can't wait!  Then yes another then.....I know I love it, a Ukraine summer.  Then a friend of our that runs a local orphan hosting ministry Kolya and I this year will help out again in any way we can with the kiddos while they are here.  Total blessing!  Love it!  

No matter which camp the Lord leads us to we want to we want to get the word out to help our dear friend, Anton Marchenko that is trying to launch "Camp Friendship" again.  Camp Friendship is near and dear to our families heart.  Not only because it was held in the region in which Kolya was raised but because he went there yearly and accepted the Lord in to his life at the camp.  This camp is so near and dear to him.  We have met many folks that have served at the camp and heard and saw all the fruitful photos of our son and all the kids and their experiences.  While in Ukraine adopting Kolya, Joe and I walked the old campus of Camp Friendship with Anton and it tugged at our hearts to see it closed.  You could feel the memories there.  Camp Friendship closed last summer and Anton is on the move to get it back up and running again.  He is almost more then 1/2 there to getting the supplies and funds needed to launch this camp this summer.  I am so excited!  So please take a look at all the work he has done and time he has poured into building this website and all the details of the camp, mission and the needs to launch this puppy this summer for a month. 

Here are videos of Camp Friendship and the impact it had:

Here are some pictures of Kolya at Camp Friendship so you can see what how awesome it was for our boy!

Yup that my boy biting his lip zoning out!  (:
Kolya at the bottom right
John Grimes his teacher hugging on the boys!
Poor little guy!
After 2 years of LeAnn founder of New Horizons For Children going to Kolya's boarding school and always seeing him smiling at her in the background but never interviewed she knew she had to to ask his director for an interview with him.  THANK HEAVENS SHE DID!  We will forever be grateful to LeAnn to taking the chance on asking his director and on Kolya.  This one mattered and matters! 

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