Tuesday, April 24, 2012

God Has Re-Routed Kolya & I This Summer For Missions!

Kolya and I have been preparing our hearts and minds for a mission trip this summer.  We had planned to go to Ukraine but God had other plans instead.  (:

We are blessed to have awesome opportunities to come up that we will get to take part in.  Kolya just joined the Boy Scouts and is loving the kids, the leaders and everything he is learning.  Our boy is old school so the leaders said he has some old tricks up his sleeve to help the other kids because being raised in an orphanage using matches was not unusual for a little kid.  Knowing how to use a knife at a young age, no biggee.  Apparently a couple things the kids would fear or were afraid to touch he jumped right in.  So proud of him.  Then we have all our New Horizons For Children kiddos flying in for hosting and also a local hosting program, Redline United Kolya and I work with for 3 weeks.  It is also a hosting program that brings orphans over from Ukraine but right here a couple miles from us so we love working with the kids in the day camps.  Then our kiddo is joining the swim team.  He's a fish.  So with all these exciting things happening we had to juggle where to go mission wise.  We wanted to go to Ukraine and we could actually work it time wise but all in all God gave us plenty of clear signs this was not his plan for us...he needed us to stay here in the US of A.  So by golly we are!

Kolya and I picked a ministry that specifically focuses on outreach in the US and abroad with youth.  I love it!  SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUTH!!  Again I will say I love it!  It is called Teameffort.org  We studied all the states including ours to do outreach and we felt lead to Tampa, Florida.  We will be helping do repair construction on the church in this community we will be staying.  We will be working with special needs folks and helping build ramps and items needed to help them move around better and doing Vacation Bible School outreach in the community with the kids.  So we will be tackling a bunch of wonderful things all in the time we are there.  We head out June 10th for the missions for a week.  Verse flying we will be rocking the rental car and cruising in our Hyndai to Florida listening I am sure to Toby Mac all the way looking for gators on the side of the road and hopefully not in the middle of it!  We are both so excited about this opportunity to serve here in the US and be used by God in whatever way he needs to.  We are both excited about our own spiritual growth and relationship with God and being able to experience this together! 

We come to you and ask for prayer for our trip in that again God uses as he needs and sees fit.  That we are alert and aware to his calling of where he needs us to be and move right to that specific spot, location or person of need.  That in all our construction (being first time for Kolya) that the team is safe in all the building we do.  Safety in all the teams travel to this location and our time there.  THAT GOD ROCKS OUR WORLD and changes out hearts! 

We are officially signed up were going and again excited for all to come!  We have paid all our enrollment fees and at this point, YEAH!!  Now we are in need of raising our last remaining funds before launch on June 10th of $1800.00.  This will cover the expenses for both Kolya and I.  Should you feel lead to donate towards our mission we would forever be so grateful!  You can click the Florida State Seal in the top right of this blog and it will take to you Paypal for any donation you would like to make towards our trip.  Or you can donate directly to diveshark@yahoo.com through paypal.  Or you can if easier you can mail a check directly to us at our home address.  Again we thank you so much and we look forward to being used by GOD ALL summer with this mission, New Horizons For Children and the Redline Hosting kiddos!  AWESOME AWESOME! 

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  1. Sounds so cool! I know you two will have a great time! :)