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I am writing about these boys because not only is my friend emotionally invested in their future knowing them for many years and watching them grow on her missions trips there but also because they keep popping up through people we know on our computer screen.  We keep meeting more and more folks that know and have served with these precious boys.  They are in need of a host family that is willing to be open to adopt them.  This is a large task but not too big for God.  So I ask if you are open to adopting and have not yet located the children you are adopting please read below.  Their story will touch you.  If you want more information about the boys I have several resources of folks that have served with these boys over the years.  If you are not dossier ready but are touched by this story please pray for these boys.  As you will read below these boys do understand family and do want family.  Can you help us make their hopes of a forever family come true?

I received this via e-mail about R & K, and my friend who knows the boys gave me permission to share online. I really believe it further shows K's hearts desire.

I was looking through my bed side table this evening and came across
two items very precious to me that I wanted to share with you (it was
the drawer where I keep the things most important to me in the world).
I'm attaching photos of them. Both of these items are from 2 years
ago, after I'd known him for 2 years. First, it's K's teddy bear
that he gave to me to show me his friendship and love. It was so very
sweet. He has nothing to his name, yet he gave me this. The second
item is a journal he decorated for me with his photo, a bunch of his
artwork inside, and a picture of an angel on the front. You probably
can't tell from the photo but he colored the angel with markers (very
carefully), cut it out (along w/ cloud background) and pasted it to
the journal. Then he wrote me a several page letter in the journal.
Here's an excerpt from that letter that I thought was particularly
"Amanda, when I first saw you I immediately understood what a person
you were. I thought that America is an unrecognizable country, but

                              then I saw that Americans came to visit us, and I understood that

                        America is a pretty good country, now I'm sure of this. Then I became
                                your friend and now I know about God and he helps me.

Amanda, please tell me, do you read my letters? I read every letter

                         of yours, because I want to learn more about my friend. Do you know

                           that someone wants to adopt me? But they still haven't adopted me.
                          But I hope that they will adopt me. If they do adopt me, I will never
                              forget you. You have been like a mother to me. I give you this
                                  present, my best friend diary, with all of my wishes."

No family ever came for them. But for me, this note shows his heart's

                                             desire ... his biggest wish, for a family.

-This team member also gave me some background on their story and it is heart breaking, and yet a real story of redemption-that these boys have been able to rise up above the mistakes of their parents, and become the young men they are today. They have been in orphanages for 7 years now. They grew up separately but were reunited when they arrived at the orphanage. The younger brother-"K" has no one to care about him....Amanda shared that she was the only one to call him on his birthday this year, for example. Friday, March 23, 2012

Edit *Added comments at bottom from someone who knows these boys personally* 
The grant is now $4000!
We just received the information for an amazing set of brothers-Radion and Koyla. 
This will be their last chance to find a family. 
We only have 8 DAYS left to find them a family!
They have a grant of $1000 towards their summer hosting.  $4000
The have spent a lot of time with missionaries that serve at their orphanage, and come HIGHLY recommended by all who have met them. Please take a moment to read about them, and please SHARE their story. We can find these boys a family before it is too late! Both boys are artists as well. 
Hosting is open to families anywhere in US-
The kids will fly into New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. They will stay around 6 weeks.
$1000 Grant toward hosting these brothers! LAST CHANCE. This boy is 100% recommended by director and missionaries. This boy has a very high IQ and is an amazing child. This is a special situation that we agreed to because of all the things people have to say about him. "He is such a wonderful boy that he will actually be a leader with our mission team's work at another orphanage this spring." They have until December until they are no longer available. They are still waiting for a family to come for them.

This boy comes highly recommended by missionaries who know him well. They brought these boys to us, as they are in desperate need of a family. We are told by his director that he is a calm and very nice child. The brothers are very close and wonderful! Many people are advocating for them because they are so amazing. I know we can find them a family.
Here is a picture from 2 years ago-showing their artwork:
The older brother showing his award for his artwork!
Younger brother showing his award-winning artwork:
Younger brother-picture from a few years ago-doing his artwork with the missions team:
Older photo showing his personality!
Working hard on Bible study:
Another recent photo of the older brother:
One more photo-another older picture-this is when they made superman capes!
Comments from someone that knows these boys well:
R is a very smart boy and gets the best grades in school. He's on of the few orphans still in the system at his age who could have a chance to go to a University. He is a great artist and loves basketball. He is a leader in the orphanage and is a kid that most every kidin his orphanage would consider to be a very good friend of theirs. Even the teachers and director look to him as an example for the other kids and as sometone they can always rely on. He's even participating as a member of an American mission team this week, doing ministry at another orphanage. We heard from the team today that he's doing wonderfully and is just a trememdnous help for anything and everything they need. He really has a servant's heart. I don't think there's anything R could not do if he's given a chance. Until this fall the boys were at an orphanage that wouldn't allow them to come for hosting and honestly I had all but given up hope on finding them a family. They were recently transferred to an orphanage that will allow them to come! It was a miracle. This winter R pleaded with me, tears in his eyes, to do everything I possibly could to find he and his brother a family! Please, help us fulfill their greatest dream!

K is a great kid too with a very good heart. He does not excel in school the way R does, but it seems that it may be due to needing guidance and motivation rather than intelligence. He also is a good artist (more cartoon style) and loves basketball. He has a fun loving personality and loves to joke around and be silly! R and K look out for each other as good brothers!
For more information on hosting, please send me an e-mail at Hershonfamily@gmail.com 
or e-mail Ginger at Guglielmoshope@gmail.com or call her at (408) 710-8902

I'm only one. But still, I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something.
And because I cannot do everything,
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
-- Edward Everett Hale


  1. You may be interested to learn that both photolisting AND pre-selecting children for adoption are ILLEGAL in Ukraine-- so it's more than a little disrespectful to post pics of these kids. ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL!! 

    The age of majority in Ukraine is 16, and it's pretty creepy to be advocating for people to adopt (anyone!!) a legal adult. 

    Adopting adults tends to not work out so well. This family adopted 4 ukranian teens last year and disrupted 3 a few months later. One after all of 35 (!!) days:

    This fam hosted Maxim 4 times, fell in love with him and now regrets adopting him immensely, as he's made their lives hell:

    Ana has not been a good addition to this godly Christian family and they too have mega-regrets. Fasd, odd and rad will do that to you:

    1. Ms. Smith,

      Thank you for reading my blog. I always welcome new guests and their comments. It is great to know folks are reading my blog even when I may get a comment I do not agree with. Which is OK. Again God created us to have our own opinions and that is what makes the world go round, free will. Thank you also for the facts you stated in regards to the ages the children are to be considered legal adults in Ukraine. With working as a Regional Coordinator for a Eastern Europe hosting programs, doing missions to Ukraine and also being a mother to an adopted Ukrainian teen I am aware of the age issues in what is consider an adult overseas. Your words just re-assure me everything I know, teach to families in training and have been taught is indeed correct.

      You also mentioned disrupted adoptions with a list of blogs. This blog you actually wrote to me on is actually one I started for a young man that we were going to adopt that disrupted. We also were foster parents here in the US and were going to adopt and it disrupted after his diagnoses where so great he had to be institutionalized. So basically you are preaching to the choir on disrupted adoption both Internationally and domestically. So you can add this blog to you list if you would like.

      I am not sure if you are a Christian but although the disruptions it only makes me fight much harder when I sit and interview a child for a hosting program like these boys listed when they look you in the eyes asking for a family. This just happened to me less then a month ago in Ukraine doing interviews for the upcoming hosting. I go with in search for NHFC for kids that can function in a family environment and want to experience it and pray the Lords will, will be done in their life should that family move forward to adopt them. There is never an obligation to adopt. The thing is you can have a child that disrupts in one family and flourishes we know that first hand with our son. He disrupted the hosting with a family and he is now our son. He is incredible and he serves with me on the mission field. I see it all the time in this ministry. One persons gifts and talents are not an-others. It is truly a beautiful thing. That is why we are each divinely created. You can also have a child that absolutely cannot function in any family. It is sad situation. We know we have been there. But it does not matter where in the world they are located it can happen anywhere. But in the Bible God does not ask us to help, care, pray, support or adopt orphans he commands it of us. Your calling may not be to adopt but you are called to pray for them or pray for ones that seek them or help them financially. God will put that on your heart. It is between you and him if you are a believer.

      Again I appreciate your time in writing and offering up your opinion but our family is called to ministry here in the US and also in Ukraine and where ever the good Lord leads us. He has called my specific family to work with orphans. Should you consider opening your home to one even with no intention to adopt please visit www.newhorizosforchildren.org. If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I would be happy to share the program with you.

      These boys are not specifically being hosted with NHFC but these boys my friends have been working with for many years and are being hosted through another program should you want to inquire more about them or know someone interested.

      May God Bless You!