Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Max!

My cup overflowth right now as it is said but more with lifes obstacles and challenges the Lord has allowed our family to head into so our Armor is on to fight the good fight but in the midst of battle of all these overwhelming obstacles being presented I cannot still get this one boy out of my heart and mind to advocate for him.  His name is Maxim and that I met on an interview trip last winter 2012.  For him to be on the heart and brain daily in the midst of chaos around me I can only believe that the Lord has a mother and father set aside for him that this post needs to reach or get a push from others that read this to advocate so it gets bounced from one person to another until it meets it's destination to the family waiting to bring him home.

Let me tell you about Max because my mind and heart will not settle otherwise.  God calls me to move I move or he will keep reminding me until I do so I gotta rock this or I wont sleep tonight.  So therefore let me tell you about this awesome young man Max.  I met Max in winter of 2012 at his boarding school (orphanage) while doing interviews for New Horizons For Children an orphan hosting program.  He was the last boy for me to interview that evening.  He sat down at the table with his elbows nicely aligned on the table and his hands folded together looking me dead straight in the eye.  I had a translator there to help gap all the communication so I could hear him loud and clear and boy did I ever.  I said "Hello there Max".  He said hello.  I told him who I was and why I was there he shook his head and said he knows who New Horizons For Children is.  So that summed that up.  (: I asked how he was doing and his reponse was "Please get me out of here, I hate it here".  As he said it looking me in the eyes without a blink or a pause in his sentence it was clear he as dead serious. You could see his lip squiver as to hold back tears and his eyes started to well up but he sucked it up and wiped his eyes with his sweater sleeve but in this brave moment of voicing himself in front of me and the directors assitant and staff I saw a very mature young man speaking who knows what he wants and longs for in his heart and he was not going to hold nothing back and lay it all out for me like a business interview.   It was voiced that the school had hoped he would be adopted and they joked about having tickets for him ready to go and were just waiting for someone to come get him.   The staff told me EVERYDAY he comes into their office and asks if anyone has come for him yet.  From other adoptive families and from Max I have been told he is pushed to the ground daily and made fun of.  Max has a vision issue where one eye goes inward and he also walks with a tilt which makes him a massive target for others to tease him.  From what I understand although I did not come out and ask him is that he believes in Jesus.  One family that I know of that adopted from his school worked with the kids bullying him to help him back up.  The adoptive mother gave him Bible verses and he would keep them in his pocket and when he would get bullied he would bring them out and read them and hang onto every word.  Max told me during the interview he had been interviewed in the past to be part of the NHFC hosting program but no one ever selected him so he never made it to America.  His wishes.... I am sure you could guess....he wanted to come to America and have a family.  Everything about his wishes and dreams of course was family and America.  Nothing more nothing less.  He is a very good student and is very smart.  He loves acting and has done performances and has won awards.  So despite the pressure, abuse and teasing of others he clings to the things that brings him joy performing.  From adoptive traveling families I have not heard one bad comment about this young man.

A year has past since I have met Max.  I have advocated for him and had a family step forward then back down.  Then had many people step up that know him and loved him and helped me push to advocate for him but still no one has stepped up to adopt him.  Then I was off to Ukraine half this year and this boy still doesnt leave myself or my husbands brain to advocate for him.  So I ask for YOUR help to advocate for this young man who is so eagerly awaiting a family to come for him.  Hosting him is not an option at this time so someone would have to be willing to talk with me and/or other families that adopted from his school to learn about Max but I know this boy is ready to come home no question no doubt.

Have you seen this? 

He is also located on the Ukraine registry:  


Please let's help Max find his forever family! 


  1. Do you happen to know how old Max is? Praying and advocating....

  2. Hello. I was wondering if Max ever ended up being hosted or if he is available to be hosted in the future? Also, do you know how recent the video of him is. He looks like a great kid. What a smile!