Monday, February 4, 2013

Orphan Mission To Ukraine!

2/8/13: UPDATE: The team is buying tickets next week and I had hoped to fly Kolya and I there using my miles we have earned so all we would have to do is pay for 5000 miles ($183) and pay for the flight home and of course the actual trip which is apartment, food, travel, etc. to Kyiv. Booking the tickets with Lufthansa using the Free Miles well they are not so free. The time I pay for the taxes and those miles it will cost Kolya and I more using the miles then if we booked with the actual team. So then Joe and I talked he said maybe God just wants you on this trip alone. So I called back to Lufthansa and once again the tickets taxes and miles I need to get it will be cheaper to fly with the team. So here I am not a clue what God is wanting us to do. He doesnt use texting so I am flat outta luck there LOL!. Again many doors were opened and now we sit here not even able to use our Free Miles that are not free and calling on God for help. Again we just want to Christ and if he is not calling us to be on this trip then we dont move a muscle. We are open to what he calls for us. Call me a redneck (I love me some overalls) but I am not sure if this is my sign or if he is just asking me to trust and obey again. I need a BIG banner held up from Him to know what does he need us to do. So Kolya and I ask for your prayers that God makes it abundantly clear as to where he needs us....whether it be right here in the US or if both or just me on this team trip. We have no funds at this point towards the trip and for us both to go we would need a total of $3200.00 and if I were to just go $1600.00 paid directly to Redline United (tax-deductible). So I would like to tell ya all we are on that flight but I am not sure if God wants us on that flight and I have to trust and obey once again he will make our paths clear and will show us if he does by the funds being provided for us or just me to get there to the kids.

ORIGINAL POST: March 21st 2013 For 9 Days Nicole & Kolya Will Be Joining Redline Hosting Ministry Missions Team Heading To Ukraine To A Region Near & Dear To Their Hearts Where Tania and Stophie Are From. They Along With The Team Will Be Bringing The Word Of God To Orphaned Children By Holding Christian Day Camps & Loving On These Beautiful Kiddos In Hopes They Find Their Lord, Savior & Creator. Nicole Is SO Excited While Serving With These Children & The Team To Have The Opportunity To Interview These Children One One One In Order To Pray For Them, Get To Know Them Personally In Order To Advocate & Give Them A Voice To In Hopes To Find Them Their Forever Families. So Please Join Nicole & Kolya & Follow Them On Their Journey Of Serving Christ, The Orphans Of Ukraine & To Speak Out For The Orphans In Hopes Of Finding Them Forever Families!

Kolya and I were just in prayer that Lord make it abundantly clear if we are to be on that plane with the team heading to Ukraine and we asked him to open the flood gates or shut them if we are not to be on that plane. To me this is the ultimate mission trip to have the opportunity to serve with my son and reach into the hearts his own culture, these beautiful Children of Christ and to be their voice in hopes of finding them forever families. I feel so strongly and do not question we are called to be on that plane heading to Ukraine but I want to make sure God has called us, Kolya and I to be on this trip and it is not my own hearts desire. God knows the desires of our hearts and I pray they are pleasing to Him. I had said after bringing Stophie home Lord no more Ukraine I am good I am done, but I know He has different plans for us in Ukraine and I know how He so loves for me to say "Never". He has put that flame in me that we need to return he is not done with the Dewberrys there yet. And I know how the Orphans has His heart and they are ever so precious to Him.  

We leave in 38 days and have $3200.00 for our total trip to raise. The team is preparing to book flights now and we need $1000.00 per person to put down basically now in order to book the flights which is $2000.00 for both of us we need to fund NOW. Then the remaining needs to be in by March 14th, 7 days prior to take off. I have seen God work miracles in the lives of others bringing what seems impossible, possible and my two little ones adoptions looked like the impossible and God made it possible so I have no reason to question or doubt but just wait on the Lord to make his mission clear to Kolya and I.

In an effort to move the items we have in the auction we are going to take off the "Bid Price" and "Buy It Now" Price and just list what we paid for it ourselves and hope you would be willing to match or top it so we can get our tickets for flying purchased ASAP. We have $2000.00 to raise basically now. Any and all donations are tax-deductible and can be made directly to Redline United (please just put the donation is for Nicole & Kolya Dewberry.  
Here Are Some Of The Items Up For Auction!  Please Click On Link Above To Go Live & Place Your Bid!


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