Saturday, April 6, 2013

2 Timing Out Teens, 2 Adoptions & Our Mission Teams Eastern Europe Adventure!

2 Timing Out Teens, 2 Adoptions & Our Mission Teams Eastern Europe Adventure!

Here is the crazy mission team God so perfectly put together heading to Eastern Europe to minister to orphans the love of Christ and love on them.  We cannot thank each and every person who helped our team get there to serve!!!  We arrived to snow waiting for us.  I blame my son, Kolya....he had been praying for snow without running that by me first.... (: 
On this team trip I served with an incredible Christian gentleman named JamesI like to refer to him as the "Hulk".  You would not want to attempt to rob him in a back alley, he would take you downTotal brother in Christ and such a blessing to serve with him and the team
On this team mission trip I met our princess....I mean prince.  Joe and I knew there was one more teenage boy out there not knowing where or who. When I was asked to advocate for him he became so heavy on the heart and of course God literally laid this boy in my lap thanks to Tiffany on the team (our prayer the night before was God lay this young man literally in our laps).  Little did I know God was going to lead us back to Eastern Europe to adopt him.  I had a hunch that may had been why but I wanted it to all be the works of God and nothing less. 

This young man won the hearts of the team from the previous year, mine and my son, Kolya's.  Clearly we are moving to adopt him and God is opening doors faster then ever and the 1st (chunk) part of our dossier is headed to Eastern Europe this weekend!  In one day God allowed the flood gates to open (totally awesome) and nailed about 60% of the dossier and day two in the mail and off she blows!  
OK now back to the Hulk with his posh Euro purse........where does he come in all this?????
This man of power and made of steal has had his heart stolen and broken by a young lady named Lisa that goes to the same school as our Scott and he and his family will be bringing her home.
James and I made a packed that we would go through our adoptions together and help one another.  We loaded our suitcases in country with what we could to bring home to sale in an auction and fundraise together to bring our kiddos home.  We are hoping and praying to land in country together to bring our kids home that God brought us both to on this incredible mission trip.
Please follow us on our journey of bringing Lisa and Scott home to our families!
We are asking first and foremost for prayer and protection for our kids, the children we ministered to and our families as we move to bring the kids home.  

Financial Need For The Dewberry Family For Scott is:
Financial Need For The Livshin Family For Lisa is: 

Puzzle For Scott
In traditional Dewberry style because we are a bunch of Nutballs so we are doing a fundraiser puzzle with our boy Scott!  With the help of my best bud Amy McCoy and her handi work with photo shop as you will see below....her work is so talented and professional.  I mean look how serious I am about this!
 So with Amy's help we have put together a 504 piece family photo puzzle with our boy.  Doesn't he look happy?  Fits right in!
When we go to see our crazy kiddo we will bring the puzzle to him of our family 
(He's going to bust up on this one!)
 and on the back of each puzzle piece we will put your name on it or anything you like that will fit on it so he will know and see all the folks that helped us bring him home and have been praying for him!  For a $20.00 tax-deductible donation per piece you will help make one less orphan!  All donations can be made directly to his Reece's Rainbow Page at:

We are also holding an auction of items purchased in Ukraine to bring our kiddos home.  Here are some of our lovely items and please take a peak at them to place your donation on the link below!  All donations are tax-deductible and will be divided between both families and can be made directly to our children's Reece's Rainbow Pages.


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    1. She is a doll! The whole team loves her and she is so full of life and keeps my boy on track! I told Alona she has full permission to knock some sense into my boy. Alona is so excited, confident and thrilled about coming home with you all. You could see it all over her face.

      Do you talk or write her? The school is on lockdown as a sense and the team has been asked to not contact the kids right now. There has been a lot going on with a new minister over seeing the region who wants no outsiders in unless they are educating the kids only, our team coming in, adoptions and my friend who just went to adopt a legally free girl and the girls family showed up and threw a fit although no parental rights so the girl declined the adoption with the family pressure. The poor school is under fire.

      So glad you reached out to us. Are you in SC? We're in NC. (:

      Nicole Dewberry

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