Thursday, April 18, 2013

Army Of One!

I received and email that made me think of this title "Army of One".  Army of one under Christ.  Dee you know who you are that sent me a message and then it triggered.  (:  Why do I say this? 

There is one thing for sure, well actually two.  One is that orphans are the closest, nearest and dearest to Gods own heart.  Secondly, I have seen a pattern when we blast children out there to be pushed that are in need and want a forever family that families hearts are burdened for them.  Burdened in such a way as to "what is God asking me to do"?  I get many emails with the repeated statement that I have personally felt myself many times with each of my own children and soon to be son, Scott "God what are you asking me to do in this"?  "Are you asking me to adopt, pray for them about a specific need or just pray, PUSH them out there so the family you are calling steps up"?  Some people like myself are so heavily burdened and their heart is so heavy they cry out to God at specific times, it is literally like an elephant sat on your chest.  I had that with all our kids and I was so incredibly emotional like a sap over them which is not my norm.  That is my clear sign from God at this point, GIRL I AM TELLING YA ALL TO MOVE!  The one thing I can say and that is why I am calling this "Army of One".  When I get emails they seem to go in groups and people express very serious concern for the child, emotion and question as if their family is called to jump.  They all seem to have the same feelings so strongly in this "group" timing.  I have been included myself in this timing with again my personal kiddos.  Why do I find this so amazingly fascinating??  Because it is like the body of Christ is coming together at a specific time and need I believe for that specific child and we may not see the need or for that specific family that is about to say "I will jump".  It is like God is gathering His troops for a massive battle and He will be rejoiced and ALWAYS shows to the occasion and it is magnificent!  It is so incredibly amazing to have a front seat view to see God at work in the lives of others in order to help another.  Selfless love......this is the amazing thing about it all is not only seeing the out pour of love for these kids and to see it unfold in such a Godless world that can be so cruel, cold, valuenless, pureless (I am making up my own words) but it brings hope and light to me to be able to be in the body of Christ with ya all for His mission, His work, for His glory and it is tremendous and absolutely humbling!  The world and news do not want you to see the sacrifices people make for another without their recognition and hopes to be put in the spotlight and glorified, the good in the world, our military giving their lives for us, the heart and love of others that give without expectation to the elderly or a widow or someone just in need, the church or person stepping up to help a person that is handicapped and needs a ramp built, the missionaries overseas full time trying to make this world a better place and one more person going to heaven!......And since we have started our journey adopting our children and now doing missions and advocating for the ones with no voices I get a front seat view to see it daily and I can only imagine if I get so giddy to see it I can only imagine what God thinks and feels.  He has to be so pleased with ya all by your love and outpouring for these kids and your call to action in whatever the Lord leads you on even if it is prayer.  Prayer can move mountains and that is where it all begins!  Our family has been so blessed to experience that personally by the prayer of another for our family.  The other thing I think is totally amazing to take witness to is the families willing ability to step back even if they want to "Jump for a child" and pray. Verse making a decision without seeking God first, every family I have talked to has been in serious prayer literally on hours, days, weeks even to make sure they are specifically called to that child, verse going into "I will save the day or this child" or "what if they don't get a family so I gotta adopt them if no one will" mode.  This is a hard thing to do when you see a need and even know you are capable to meet the financial need of that child and maybe even emotional but you need to know YOU ARE CALLED TO THAT CHILD.  And it is totally awesome (sorry the CA surfer girl is coming out) to be able to witness everyone's faithfulness and dedication to Christ even if their heart is aching for a specific child.  I know God has to be saying to ya all "Well done my friend, well done".    God can fill the need, He can fill the void, He can move the mountains, He can change ones heart, HE can SAVE, He cannot be contained, He cannot be limited, He cannot be bargained with, He is the almighty creator and He will and can take one to the edge before he shows His power.  And oh how it is beautiful and absolutely magnificent, and He is glorified.  It is better then any view of blooming flowers over a green hillside.  

Again I cannot thank you all enough from the bottom of myself and my son Kolya's heart thank you for helping us "PUSH" these boys right into the arms of their soon to be family!  To follow the boys story as their family starts to move forward please follow and stay tuned to:


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