Thursday, March 20, 2014

We Got Our Date Time And Preparing For Blast off!

Here the Dewberrys go preparing for blast off for the boys, Murray and Anthony.  1 month from their dossier submittale they got a date to fly.  So awesome!  Nicole will head out April 14th traveling light and planning and praying to come back heavy because she will be bringing back these two boys in tow!

The Dewberrys are just in prayer for all of Ukraine without ceasing as this is their second home and where they do their mission work.  Hard for them to see all that is going on but they are so darn proud of the Ukrainians standing up to gain their freedom, rights and their God back.  Oh how awesome it has been for them to witness how courageous the Ukrainians have been and the Dewberrys pray they succeed in their battle for their home the freedoms and rights.  

The Dewberrys table is getting full preparing for take off.  Nicole is hoping to be able to do as she normally does on mission trips and pack light caring all her loot on her back because she will be ping ponging all over.  The boys are in different regions although close.  So much travel on this trip will be involved and tests needed with them both having HIV.  Nicole will be working on her sleeping ability on trains.  She has never learned this ability.  Maybe she will this round.  She does not know all to come but God does and that is what is most important.  She is heading back with eyes wide open to what God needs her to see and do. 

With the boys being in separate boarding schools, courts, SDA's (DAP) there is more cost involved so they are close but not funded for Nicole to get back there and complete the adoption.  There is still a needed amount of $8,700 to be completely funded.  Can you help the Dewberrys pray these funds in.  This is there last dossier, there last adoption trip in Ukraine and they are laying this all down at Gods feet to see them through.  As most know the young man they prepared their dossier for, Brodie decided to stay in Ukraine for reasons beyond what Nicole & Joe could provide him that he has wanted.  With this Joe and Nicole had to make a decision to pull the plug on the adoption or bring a child(ren) home with their already submitted dossier and over half way funded for one.  So they decided to put away the losses of their heart and do this one more time to bring home children with special needs that no war or no war will have an extremely difficult life with an uncertainty of its ending, these two HIV positive boys. With their two children at home already having HIV this was a no brainer for them.  With all the unrest and ready to be home with their family they know they have this one last time to head back there other then mission trips.  

So folk the Dewberrys as for your prayers for Ukraine, the many adoptions in route now and soon to come with the unrest in Ukraine, for the saftey of ALL the families in travel to and from Ukraine and  the safety and success of the adoptions of the children coming home. 

Thank you!
Joe, Nicole, Kolya, Tania and Stopha

Here are some current fundraisers the Dewberrys have going on to bring the boys home! 

 Items Are From Ukraine And Abroad. Come Peak At The Items & Make Nicole An Offer She Cannot Refuse!

Please come join us this month on March 27th at 6:30pm to kick off the 1st Bunco event in! There will be local sponsors at the event along with prizes and appetizers! Fun night for everyone!

The March Bunco event all funds raised will go to help with adoption expenses to bring home 3 children from Ukraine.

The LaRoque family is adopting and aging out teen named Erik whom spent time with them this winter through a hosting program.

The Dewberrys whom are traveling to Ukraine April 14th to adopt two children with HIV named Murray and Anthony. To read their story please go to:

Please come join in on the fun and fellowship to help bring these boys home! Space is limited! There is a $15 entrance fee and 100% of that goes towards the boys adoption. You can pay online or directly with the sponsor who invited you! Here is the link where you can register to attend!


The Dewberrys dear friend Katie Saak Steinke
is holding a 31 Party to help bring home the boys!
Please come shop away and take a peak at the items!




"Hand Made", "Made With Love" Necklaces To Help Bring The Boys Home! Please Come Take A Peak At The Necklaces We Are Making To Help Raise The Needed Funds To Bring Home The Boys!

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