Sunday, March 9, 2014

God Closes One Door And Opens Another At A Moments Notice........

I say the 18th above because on that day was my last conversation with Brodie as well as the day our dossier was submitted. Early morning leading into the 18th about 3AM Ukraine time I received a message from him wanting to talk about his life here and how excited he was and he was talking about the things he loved which we also did and he knew. 4 weeks prior to this we were told there was influence but someone in his school telling him he would not be allowed to be adopted and come to America. He was frantic when telling us. When we heard this news it was addressed at his school and the allegations were denied. So we never did get clarity on what this was about or if true let alone. Then suddenly everything stopped on the 18th. My last message was "mom I am ok and I love you". Then gone...his VK was wiped out, we were taken down as his family, he gutted over 200 of his friends and took down all the things about himself. It was like he was no longer Brodie. So alarms went off and great concern is he was ok...what has happened? Was his account hacked? Was he drafted somehow? You name it, it was running through my head. We go from I love you, I am ok to GONE.....our team and friends of Brodie that are also facilitators were on it. They had the Director talked with Brodie and he as of almost 2 weeks ago said he has decided to stay in Ukraine but gave no reason. It was verified by several parties. Joe and I laid low and just prayed as our dossier was now sitting in the SDA (DAP) we only got it prepared for him...praying maybe he will have a heart change or some thing because again nothing made sense. If he did not want to be with us why did he gut his entire VK account....why did he say I am ok and I love you then gone. Many many questions.. 
Folks our family cannot thank you for all your prayers and support. Trying to find the right words to explain all that has occurred since February 18th is hard in that is has been a whirlwind for us as we were praying for Brodie's safety and praying he was okay along with all the children we know and have served with. We have been hearing from many of the children we know and many are scared especially not having a mother or father to protect them. Many children we know that declined adoptions to their families suddenly showed up again to ask if they could return for them or have showed up to say hello including our Sash we lost the summer of 2013. God is good that he opened the door long enough to hear Sash say he is okay and he loved us. So incredibly thankful to know he is okay.

So 4 days ago I got the closure we needed. I received an email from a friend in touch with the facilitators that know Brodie he had changed his mind because he did not want to be in our family as the 4th child but as the only child. We could not offer him that. So with this news it was clear the door has closed shut.

Last week the following day after getting this news about Brodie we planned to contact the adoption team and ask them to pull our dossier. God closed one door and opened another.
The door he opened through a friend that reached out to me the night before we were going to ask to pull our dossier emailed me asking if I had seen all the children on RR from Eastern Europe with no families.  People were scared to travel in fear of the unknown and uncertainty.  I went on and just plugged in HIV 10+ and that is when it all changed from there.  

God closed a door and opened another
We know this is our families last time heading to Ukraine to adopt.   Missions work yes but adoption no.  So we head to these boys with open arms welcoming them into our family and home and man we can't wait!!! 

Again we thank you for your prayers and support for our family through these journey's. We know God makes us no promises but we remain focused on Him and lift His name no matter the outcome for He is our Alpha, Omega, our Mighty Warrior for the righteous, the broken, the orphan, never failing, never ending King of all Kings...our God.


  1. well these two young boys will be so so happy ! :)

  2. why does my comment disappear ????

  3. I'm so excited for you guys! I advocated for Murray when he was on RR and I think he is just the sweetest. You picked two awesome kids, that's for sure!