Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And You Thought The Adventure Has Come To An End Until Sergiy Gets Here....

It's me here were talking about.  Adventure end.....why of course not.  OK today it hits 3PM and Kolya and I are pacing the house like two hungry lions waiting for our meal.  The meal is the homestudy, the last piece of the puzzle for us to bolt to downtown Raleigh to get Apostilled.  Well 3PM and no homestudy.  My heart just sank.  I sucked it up and sent a letter to Mary who worked on our homestudy and to Tonya saying thank you and I know they did all they could to help us but we will now not make the time frame now to turn the dossier in unless it is nothing short of a miracle at this point.

So I get Kolya and I ready to head into town to buy some items for Thanksgiving and right before I leave I get an e-mail from Mary telling me to call the post office to see if they can track it in their building.  Then following after her email I got one from Tonya telling me the same thing and it was followed by the words.  "SERGIY IS LEGALLY FREE, like you thought but here is your confirmation".  So I knew I had to jump in the truck and race to the post office and hope there was some glimpse of hope to get this homestudy and off to be Apostilled tomorrow then off to Ukraine that afternoon for our last chance shot.  I followed the directions to the post office hub were I was told it would be if it was there from USPS.  Well we arrived to a townhouse subdivison.  So obviously that was not the right place.  So then I just drove to the closest post office and they basically told me that if the precious envelope was not showing up on line I had no chance in well the place where it is really really hot that it will make it.  BUT.....yes there was that BUT that can give you hope or tear you down, he said you can call this number because it is the hub that receives and sorts the mail.  I confirmed the address with him and sure enough it was that place that took me to the townhouses.  But there was another route to getting to it on the other side of the highway.  So I called them and basically she said until it gets scanned into the system and arrives in Raleigh after several steps there is a chance.  So we left the conversation with me calling back between 6AM to 8AM tomorrow morning.  She said the night delivery has not made it in yet so to check the tracking hourly to see if the item is found.  Sure enough Murphy came back again.  All the USPS tracking systems were broke for 2 hours after that call.  I could not do anything.  LOL!  Again all I could do was laugh.  USPS does not like me! FINALLY the system was up and running and at 4:49 the package at least was scanned by someone in Raleigh.  It is here!  Thank heavens it made it!!!  So I called her back at USPS and we started laughing.  She said OK it made it through the first step.  Now it will have to go through a couple more steps and scans and pending it does not fall behind something and get wedged or off the track it should make it in time.  LOL!  I am hoping at this point I can hide Murphy or accidentally leave him at home so he does not cause any problems.  So she said call beg and plead in the morning and see if they will let you come down to the hub before the envelope is loaded onto the truck to start deliveries.  The lady who I will be calling sounds like she could kick my bootie and take me down so I am praying for a miracle and that she will be willing tomorrow to let me come pick up the package.  Oh so how I am praying.  We are so close........

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  1. Awesome! The latest from Serge: "Update from Ukraine:
    According to the unofficial information that we have received today the new Department for Adoptions will start giving appointments for dates starting December 5th or December 12th. They are negotiating it right now. So those whose dossier were submitted and approved please be ready to travel at short notice. We'll let you know immediately once the invitations are issued. This is all the news we have right now. "