Thursday, November 3, 2011

The News That Came In.....

For 2 weeks leading up to the call yesterday from poor Renee with NHFC who is the bearer of bad news at times I have been feeling very strongly about Sergiy coming and moving for to adoption but when it came to Konstantin there has been just a blank void, not bad or good just blank.  I have not been able to pin it.  Joe said do you think we are not to host and adopt him.  I told it's not that I just feel this empty spot and I can't figure it out.  Well the call yesterday explained that blank void and empty spot I could not pin.  Konstantin will not be coming to America.  He has been offered a foster family in Ukraine and he and his brother jumped on that wagon.  Apparently the director knowing we were hosting and intended on adopting although he could not say so he really tried to push the boys to wait it out and come to American but they were ready to go. 

This news to me was 100 percent completely understanding.  These boys have no idea (except from the interview trip I was on with NHFC if he even recalls me) who we are and all the know is a family wants them foster family or not.  Not knowing what it is like here in America, with our family and we intended on adopting them.  I would jump if I were in the same position.  With the news I was actually happy for the boys.  I know there is a movement in Ukraine currently by Ukrainian men trying to push in different regions Ukraine families to adopt their children.  I know nothing about this foster family.  What if that is the case.  What if they are Christians.  These are questions I do not know but I know my Lord does.  So I find peace and rest with this news and am excited for the boys to stay in Ukraine.  So Joe, Kolya and myself are in prayer for them several times a day for these guys. 

So where are we at now??  We are still moving steam boat ahead for Sergiy.  The homestudy is in Ukraine and we are just waiting for the news on the processing.  As of yesterday the SDA officially changed over to it's new name thankfully without shutting the doors and with that the only issue is the stamp for the lady that will process our paperwork and many others has no way to validate it because the new stamp with the new SDA ministry name has not come in and won't be in until I believe November 14th.  So she is stuck with the old SDA name and outta luck using it. 

But we know the Lord is in charge and he is mighty so we rest in that.  He knows our family and the plans he has for us.  So meanwhile we wait on him, keep moving forward fundraising for Sergiys adoption and prepare for ministry in Ukraine and leading at team back for the "Way of Gods Grace" orphan ministry to start building in April.  Praise the Lord!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are taking this news in stride. I'm glad that the younger 2 have possibly found a 'family' in Ukraine that will take them in and love them... and that this give you all another little arrow from God still directing you to Sergiy.
    This is the first that I've heard about the recent news with SDA, so that is good to hear. It's kind of funny about the stamp... those little rubber things have so much power in EE its crazy!
    I hope our fam is right behind you getting things ready for our guy, I can't wait till both of our buddies get to their forever homes!

  2. Blessings on the next phase of your journey! :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Kolya and I have been shopping for Sergiy at the Belks charity sale. We got killer deals. We got 10 pairs of boxers for free for him with our coupons! So awesome. Never got so lucky. Then I am going back today to get as many shirt as I can get my hands on to send back with Sergiy for the girls. They will also be free after the coupons! Gonna rock it. Kolya is such a trooper and is getting excited about him coming. He found a photo album with a Christmas tree of it and got it excited and said we needed to get it for him. He also found a frame with Santa and all kinds of stuff on it and he wanted to put a photo of us as a family and one of just them in them. Too cute!! It is goo to see his joy in Sergiy coming.