Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Big Thank You To Belks

Yesterday was the Belks charity sale and Joe, Kolya, my sister Denise and I worked two stores to raise funds for Sergiys hosting/adoption expenses.  At these sales this is always a perfect time to buy clothing, raise awareness about the program you are representing and raise funds for your need.  Last year we were able to buy Kolya a wardrobe for about $150.00 and Christmas along with paying for Kolya's homestudy and part of his adoption.  This year my sister who is becoming a foster parent scored baby clothes and we scored BIGTIME for Sergiy and sending clothes back to Ukraine to the kids in the orphanage.  It was incredible. 

We were able to get 26 shirts for girls at Sergiys orphanage, 10 boxers, 2 jeans a winter jacket for Sergiy. A much needed belt for Kolya. 12 pairs of socks for Sergiy. A Christmas frame and Christmas photo album Kolya wanted to Sergiy. 14 shirts for both boys.  Mens slippers for Kolya for Christmas and a hat for me when I go back to Ukraine with NHFC (I look like I belong in the Alps with it).  All this for $140.00.  Thank you BELKS!!!   

Belks has been a huge part in helping us get a step closer to bringing our son Kolya home and now they are helping us bring Sergiy here for Christmas and a step closer to home should the Lord continue to open the doors for us to adopt as he is.

We could not do this without your support!

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