Saturday, January 21, 2012

A BIG Thank You To All Your Prayer Warriors!

I personally want to thank any and all folks that read my last blog post about our prayer requests for Sergiy and ourselves.  At this time I am not sure how our boy is doing but we will try to call him Monday but I can tell you this your prayers are working for myself.  Today when I woke up Satan was waiting for my eyes to open to start attacking my mind with doubt.  I went into the kitchen and Joe asked what was bugging me he could see I was troubled and I explained all the doubts and concerns I had.  I then told him the doubts are only in my head not my gut.  Joe and I have been down this road before of knowing not to move or if we did with the bad gut it showed to be correct.  I told him this is different Satan cannot touch my heart but he can attack my mind.  Soon as I said that it was like all the doubts I had been having cleared my mind almost to the point I could not even remember what the doubts were.  It was the coolest thing.  I know the prayers are working unless it is old age...LOL!  But all day today whenever a moment would pop up and doubt would start to kick in is would quickly be replaced with me laughing or giggling at a moment I had with Sergiy where we would both be laughing or smiling because of something silly I said, he said or another breakthrough moment for us.

So thank you all you prayer warriors!  I am not sure who all is but you know who you are so please keep it coming because the prayers are welcomed and working!

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  1. I am praying for continued peace for you Nicole. :-)