Friday, January 20, 2012

Coming Down The Wire!

With us coming down the wire to a matter of days, not months I am going to take my sis's advice and stick a "Chip In" box on the Sergiy's blog in hopes to help with Sergiy's adoption expenses.  I know God knows our needs and he already has it mapped out.  I am avoiding the thoughts of freaking out and knowing he has brought us thus far and resting in the comfort of his word through scripture and seeing all the mini miracles that he has continued to do for Joe and I.  And now being able to watch them at the same time happen for my sister as she moves forward to adopt Andriy the boy she hosted.  This is so incredibly cool to be able to experience this all with my sis. Nothing finer, not even a 49er.  My sis and brother in law were at a stand still to move forward because they needed the funds to pay for their homestudy all in one fell swoop today right after my sis put herself out there with a "Chip In"  box the exact amount needed for her homestudy came in.  Joe and I are not expecting that, shoot we don't expect anything but again it is totally cool to see the the blessings God is bringing to our loved ones.  So incredibly cool!

We talked with our kiddo 2 days ago.  He spirits were not as high.  I knew something was wrong.  With all his past hurts and broken promises just a week of not hearing from him put doubt in his mind we were coming for him.  He said he was scared when we did not call sooner.  So Joe and I not only are writing him but will be calling him twice a week now with the permission of his school.  The staff has been nothing short of polite and generous to us when we have called.  So we are hoping we can speak with him twice a week to keep his spirits up and knowing we are not going anywhere.  He said it had snowed and the kids had been playing football.  Now that he knows how to ice skate he tried to skate on the ice with his shoes.  LOL!  Gotta try somehow if it works.  Joe and I are prepping everything for the trip and getting his room ready to go.  Sergiy loves Parcor so we are rocking a skateboarding and parcor room.  It is actually coming along pretty well.  Never thought I could get that much furniture in that little room!  Good golly!

Our prayer requests.  Doubts am I doubting?  No but I know Satan wants me to.  Kolya our son is out there.  He will put himself out there on the line for all to see.  Sergiy on the other hand hold in everything.  Complete opposite.  There are so many years of empty promises, being alone, preparing to never have anyone and brave being independent as he is approaching timing out.  Being tough on the exterior so that he can defend himself.  Never letting anyone in to love him because of being hurt.  There are many wounds in this incredible young mans life and I know we have our work cut out for us and many chips to take down with Gods grace.  So doubt....I am not having the doubt in my gut that we are not to adopt him that you know is God saying "GET OUT".  It is all the fears that run through my mind that I have never had at any point working, fostering or adopting any child.  Being part of NHFC and the orphan ministry non stop you see satan working constantly to be a distraction.  So rather I know this is Satan working overtime in my mind to distract me and doubt.  Not even doubt anything in particular just doubt.  So with this I am going in full boar packing for Sergiy, writing him, calling him, praying for him and our family and getting his room ready.  I know Satan wants me to put on the breaks.  Won't do it.  I realize he wants my boys.  Both of my boys are saved, they both know him.  Since before Sergiy arrived Satan has been knocking at my door.  Well he always is but this time he is sleeping on my porch.  I am not going to let him in or even crack the stinki;n door for him.  So prayer.  I just ask for prayer for our boy first and foremost.  That Sergiy will feel the comfort of God in this time apart and find rest and security in him knowing he is bringing him a family.  But even taking us out of the picture that Sergiy will know that he is "His".  He is God's child and God has divinely created him for a greater purpose then being alone and an orphan no matter what he does in his life.   For any doubts Satan throws in my mind that our family and our minds will be protected and we can push those thoughts away.  For our son Kolya in our time away from him to go get Sergiy that his time with Grandma will be a blessing for both of them.  We thank you for all your prayers as we approach our take off date of Feb. 6th!  Whew wee, we are close!

Many blessings!!!!

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