Friday, January 13, 2012

Our First Phone Call To Sergiy!

Today was our first phone call to Sergiy at his boarding school.  The staff was wonderful to allow us to talk with him.  Joe had the phone first and got to speak with him.  Sergiy was so excited to hear dads voice.  Then Kolya and I pick up the other phone so we could all be on.  He sounded so cold, happy to hear us but sad. When he heard my voive he sounded so stinking happy which was awesome and he said "Ma". I about cried.  He said he was sad and missed us.  He missed Georgie and Otis (our cats who he adores) and our dogs Beau, Daisy and Charlie.  He had said "Ma I no smoke".  I was so proud of him.  I know many of his friends smoke because there is not much to do and him and I talked about it before he left.  He openly told me they would ask him when he got back and asked me what he should do.  So we talked about how to handle it without losing his friends.  I am so proud of him!  He loves to lift weights and he has been so I told him when you are tempted to smoke say a little prayer and go lift weights, remove yourself.  He said he still has his peanut butter and syrup I sent back with him.  I asked if he was sharing it and he said no, it was special.  LOL!  He brought back many items for his friends so this he is hanging on to!  He kept asking when we would be there for him.  Then he said the words for the first time "Ma I love you".  Whew wee!  I could hear the cold and sadness in his voice.  Kolya then told him that yesterday mum put pictures of him and us all over the house.  He got excited and said "Thank you ma".  Although we had a tough times during hosting that we were dealt to just hear him say he is ready to be home, he misses and loves us just confirmed we are moving forward as God intended for us and we are so thankful God opened the doors to have our dossier ready to go ahead of time.  That this time apart can strengthen us as a family.  Oh how I wanted to talk to him before the weekend to just hear his voice and let him know we have not gone anywhere and that we have not left him and we love him and it was so awesome that God honored that.  We all four prayed together on the phone and encouraged him to hang in there.  As hard as it was to hear the sadness in his voice I am rejoicing knowing another chip has been taken off his high and thick wall and for that I am blessed!

We now just keep calling and writing and await a date to travel!  Gods timing is always perfect so in that we rest.


  1. This is soo great!!! I'm glad you got ahold of him so soon at the school! He's gotta miss you guys tons. I know that sad sound on the phone... but hearing "I love you" with that awesome Ukrainian accent makes it all worth it! We have not talked about smoking with Sasha lately, but it does remind me that I need to ask him about his girlfriend status. I'll be praying that our boys can be a support for one another! It's so awesome how God has brought us together on this journey!!

  2. OK ....that was so sweet! Tears are welling up in my eyes, "Ma, I love you". Words can't even begin to describe what I felt when reading that!

  3. I am telling you two talking to him on the phone was like talking to the boy I knew he was but had such a hard time letting out with all the issues our family was dealt. It was so incredible. As hard as it was so hear him sad and for me to hear him sad this was good. The attaching is happening, the healing is beginning. So completely awesome. I am trying to hold back tears. Oh how I miss him and wish imcould hug and comfort him and then tickle him. His laugh is like a little boy and his scream is like a girl. I love it! Girls he is coming home soon. Please just keep our boy in prayer that his spirits stay up and he stays strong knowing he is loved by Christ and us. We are blessed that he is saved and knows our Lord. So blessed. April you will to continue to see your boy! Jenelle I am so excited about the boys staying in touch too. I told him once both of them are home they can still talk often. I know he was so excited to know when Sasha was coming home when he was here. I do pray the boys can be comfort to each other in the waiting. I believe they will. I asked him how Sasha was doing and he said good. We know both of them are ready for home. Sasha has long awaited this too! This wait for your family and Sasha there will be many blessings
    to come for you all! Love both you gals!