Saturday, July 20, 2013

And He Said Yes!

And He Said "YES"!
Steven said yes to adoption.  He was our one that wanted to be hosted not adopted but could not be hosted with the hosting program being pulled.  Joe & I stepped in faith the Lord called us to prepare to adopt him although not knowing the outcome.  And he said "YES" to adoption.  OK I am ready to start dancing with joy put on the disco music, lights and start rotating that disco ball.  This is such incredible news I was running through the house with tears of joy!
And He Said "Yes"!  
Our Soon To Be Soon, Scott

 And He Said "Yes"!  
Our Soon To Be Son, Sebastian
 This Mama is like a horse at the gate ready, on the door and ready to run before it evens opens but focused like a laser when it opens...counting down the days verse seconds.  7 days and we are on the plane, my son Kolya and I heading back to Ukraine to the boys! 
We Are Funded To Bring The Boys Home! 
We cannot thank you enough for all your support & prayers for these incredible young men I will be so blessed to soon call my sons. 

We ask for prayer for saftey in our travels. We ask for prayer for each of our boys for protection from anything Satan may through there way to tempt them.   We pray for all clean labwork and chest xrays so that we do not get "stuck" in Ukraine for medical treatments.  Praying the boys get a clean bill of health so we can get them home ASAP to their family (Papa, Tania and Stopha will be waiting at home for them anxiously).  Prayer surrounding this whole trip and God gives me the eyes to see what I need to see and ears to hear what I need to here to advocate for other children should he open this door.  Praying that God is glorified all the way through this entire trip and He is seen and felt.  

In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.
-Psalm 25:1


  1. So happy to hear this news!!! Can't wait until they are in your arms!!!

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