Thursday, July 18, 2013

Holy Smokes 9 Dayz~!

Yes folks we are almost there!  9 days according to my watch and calendar according to Kolya's we leave in 7 days.  Can you tell he is ready?  
Haven't gotten to talk to my boy Scott since our last call but those words still circle and stick in my mind...."do you still want me"?  I can not even fathom nor imagine the rejection these orphaned children feel with the anticipation and hopes of their birth mom or dad coming back for them and their loyalty to them.  Or to a new adoptive family coming for them and the uncertainty of it all.  Will they show up, will they love me, will I like me, will they care for me.........the unknowns and no trust factor in which surrounds it.......they give you what trust they have which is not real but they act like it is real (their faces say it all) and muster up what they can offer at the time until it builds with your relationship.  All I can say is AMEN and thank you Lord for each child that is willing to take that step and leap of faith allowing a family to take them into their home and life.  This is a step I can only acknowledge and let these kids know how brave I think they are and courageous in doing so.  

9 days.......and were off.  You know you are ready to go when all your bags are nearly packed and lined up by the door.  Anxious to get back to the boys.....Naah....YEAH!  

I do not know all the Lords plans for me when I arrive to Ukraine and if he will bring fourth children having desire for family (I say this because there are kids that will flat out do not want a family or they cannot function in one) like he has on all my trips but my heart is open to see His will and praying for His eyes to see what He wants me to see.  But I have just started a page in which I will be "pushing" for these children should the Lord open that door.  I will be blasting them freaking all over the place should this door open but you can count on this FB page and my orphan mission to Ukraine page I will post them up.  My prayer would be to get them into a hosting program that works in region or willing to take any kids the Lord brings fourth but there is uncertainty if that will be possible.  As the kids I met were unable to be hosted because the program was pulled.  But Lord willing either way I will be advocating whether it be a chance to host or adopt.  So please keep your eyes pealed should this door open.  Here are the main pages to watch:

We have been asked how much more do we need to raise to be funded and bring the boys home, Scott, Sebastian and Steven.   

We are ONLY $668.75 short and we will be funded and then were there!

Joe and I have bought some clothes, sport equipment (football, soccer ball, pump, baseball bat, frizbees, baseball and glove), cards, shoes and other items to donate to the boys school. The school is hurting on any and all sports equipment. It will cost us $140.00 to get the suitcase to Ukraine then into region. If you would like sponsor this bag to help us get it to the kids that would be incredible! We got this puppy maxed out weight wise and have put overflow in our other two suitcases. Any support we would do greatly appreciate! If you would like to donate you can donate directly to via paypal and please in the note section put "suitcase". 
We cannot thank everyone enough for all your prayers and support in bring the boys home, our trip ahead for them, life at home when we return and the remaining funds needed.  You all have no idea how much this has impacted our family to give more and push harder on advocating for the ones with no voices and not quit on these kids to find their forever families.   Our family thanks you!

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