Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"And This One Matters" Makes A Change To Advocate For The Orphan!

Folks Please Get Ready Our FB Page "And This One Matters" Is Going Under A Revamp. With Many Countries Losing Hosting Programs So Children Have No Chance To Experience The Love Of A Family I Want To Push These Kids That Want A Forever Family And Make Them Viral.  I Had This Page Set For Children I Have Met Only.  But I Alone Cannot Meet Them All So I Need Eyes & Ears To Guide Me To These Children That Want Family Like The Air They Breath.  Many Children Are Posted On Agencies Or Organizations Sites To Be Adopted But My Focus Is On The Ones That Are Not Advocated For @ The Current Time, Have Not Been Brought To The Media's Attention In Order To Bring Their Face & Voice To Light.  I Have Folks Often Coming To Me Looking For A Specific Child & Many Folks Asking Me To Help Find A Family For A Child They Met. This Is Now The Gap. Again I Am Not An Agency Nor Do I Want To Be One. I Am A Mama After Gods Heart And His Orphans & Wanting To See Them Home. So Folks Get Ready I Already Have A Couple Children Brought To My Attention That Need A Voice & Want A Family. 

FB Page:

Written By The Collins Family That Met Sasha:
This is Sasha.  We fell in love with this young man and I was told by another family that was considering adopting him that he is legally free.  He is 15.

He is going to age out soon. He BEGGED me everyday we were there to find him a family.  He told me he has no siblings and does not remember his parents at all.  He was very adamant that someone adopt him. He is gentle, polite and was so content to just be near me. He sat with me for over an hour and colored in a Disney coloring book. He just soaked up the praise I gave him for his good coloring job. I gave him a cheap dollar store Frisbee and he cried. He was always the first kid to greet us when we came to visit our son. He was waiting for us. He has never been hosted.  My son also from the same orphanage has asked me over and over to find a family him.

He has asked other families that have gone there to adopt to please find him a family.  Time is short for this young man.  

If you would like more information on Sasha please send Nicole a message through the FB "And This One Matters" page or send a message through this blog.  

Written By The Collins Family That Met Sasha:
Olexi was hosted Summer 2011 by family in NY.  He goes by nickname Losha. This boy is so sweet. He wants to be adopted and told another family again just a few weeks ago he wants to be adopted in America. 

My son said out of all the boys at his boarding school he would be the nicest to other kids in a family, even little kids and kids with special needs.

He is alot of fun. Loves throwing a football around and playing soccer and frisbee.  He loves playing card games. Very polite and would come seek me out every day when were were there. He proudly wore his Niagara falls t-shirt and reminded me several times he loves America.

He is a last chance kid.  He ages out very soon.

He is a 9th grader this year.   There is confusion as to his exact birthdate but from what has been said he is 16.  So time is critical for him and he needs a dossier ready family to JUMP who was in Eastern Europe like yesterday!

Just a couple of weeks ago he found an adoptive family and asked them to please find him a family. He really wants to be adopted.
If you would like more information on Sasha please send Nicole a message through the FB "And This One Matters" page or send a message through this blog.  

Let me introduce you to Teddy he is 11 years old.  This incredibly sweet boy is WAITING for a family to come get him!  He is super-endearing. A friend of mine met him and can confirm that he’s very sweet-hearted and friendly.  He’s is HIV+ but is holding on and getting treatments.                     THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION IN THAT HE NEEDS SOMEONE TO JUMP FOR HIM!  
Why do I say this.  With him having HIV and no hope of the love of a family and the living conditions in which he is in his immune system could be compromised.  
Teddy is in one of the worst kept orphanages.  It seems to be the “left-over” orphanage where the older boys and HIV+ kids are placed.  This handsome young man may has a $10,000 available toward his adoption!!!
Although he is advocated for under Project Hopeful this young man has a special connection to one of my best friends and she has asked me to push him and with his medical condition and living arrangement there is no question for me to get him out there.   

Please visit this link for more information on Teddy:

If you have any questions you would like to speak with my friend about personally in regards to Teddy please contact me through the "And This One Matters" FB page or through my blog here and I would be happy to get you in touch.
More Kiddos To Advocate For Coming Up Soon!

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