Saturday, February 25, 2012


I do not expect anyone reading this to understand fully.  It is easy to snivel, complain, put down and even insult when you looking into ones life and the decisions they have made without walking in their shoes. 

For those of you that have been following our blog you may have felt called to pray for Sergiy, or us or even fault us, how can you give up this child.....  Not sure but the fact remains we know we did everything possible in our capabilities and skills to bring this young man home. 

Sergiy in his mind wanted family as every child does but the idea of the the effort it takes to be in one was far greater then what he wanted to commit to.  His absolute awesome commitment to his friends outweighed his desire for a family.  He reached out to friends right before we left saying he wanted us to come for him and he was sorry.  We talked to his teachers that have been nothing short of gracious and awesome to help him and us and they vouched he said was ready.  We went back to the school to go get him and our time, love and effort was still not enough for him. 

So I can write this as we prepare to head home to America knowing in my heart that we fought the good fight and loved this kid with our sleeves up and on our knees and we still will but afar for his future.  I called him my boomerang because he would leave and come back and leave and come back.  I so wish it could go differently.  Although in my heart I have peace and a clear conscience it still does not take away the pain.  I still have no idea why the Lord brought me here and we went through all this but I will wipe the dust and dirt off and get back up again and count each and every blessing he has given me on this trip.  I praise the Lord that our marriage stayed strong and steady during this roller coaster ride.   I praise the Lord that Joe was willing to not walk away and try one more time with Sergiy so we could leave again knowing we did all we could.  I praise the Lord for our awesome translator Oksana that has been on this ride with us and has fought alongside us.  She is incredible.  I praise God for all the awesome prayer warriors we had and have.  I praise the Lord for our absolutely amazing son Kolya at home.  We only appreciate him all the more and the young man that he is and will become.   I praise the Lord for all the awesome families I have met along the way.  Sergiy is loved far more then he will ever realize.  I praise the Lord for the air I breath.  I praise the Lord for all the awesome kids I met interviewing for New Horizons For Children.  Every single new child I interviewed I would take into the program.  They are each worth fighting for to give them a chance of hope, a future and family.  If anything this trip will only make me fight harder for the ones I know told me straight to my face I want little guy Maxim.  He looked me in the eyes and said I want out, I want a family.  The directors told me every day he comes to them and asks them if a family has come for him.  I asked him what were his 3 wishes....A family...America and a family in America.  The directors told me that they jokingly tell him that they already have a ticket purchased for him on stand-by.  They know he is ready to go.  During the interview he started to cry.  I gotta fight for Maxim and the other ones that told me they are ready for family.  They are all worth fighting for and giving them a chance of love, Christ and hope. 

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