Thursday, June 7, 2012


"Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see he glory of God"?  -John 11:40

by Ten For Orphans
LATEST NEWS!! The Dewberrys are FULLY FUNDED, Pending $5K!! See below!!
The TEN Thousand for TEN Thousand in TEN days for Taylor actually turned into a Three Day Extravaganza! When we first felt impressed to sponsor Taylor and fund raise for the Dewberrys, we knew that there was no way we could raise the money. Not only was it a large amount, but it was a large amount due in a short time! However, God knew just the right people to send to support the Dewberrys–people like Julia Nalle, Patti Rice, Deanna Jones, Denise Collins, Anonymous Donors with matching grants, and others who joined in to help with this truly urgent need! Julia Nalle issued a TEN for TEN in TEN challenge to hopefully bring in $1,000 a day for ten days. We never made it past the third day because the:
1st day total was: $3,865.81
2nd day total was: $2,523.54
3rd day total was: $5,329.90
The three day total was: $11,719.25!!!
How did this happen??? It was obviously a God thing and something only He could do, but in His wisdom, He chooses to use people, and those people have to choose to listen. Thank you to every one of you who listened and reached out to Taylor and the Dewberrys in their time of crisis! If you feel you were only a small part, please remember that ALL donations, big or small, are a blessing, and God looked at the widow’s mite as very precious because she gave even in the midst of her need.
With that in mind, we want to highlight a special group of young people. On Sunday, we received a donation from the youth choir at Calvary Baptist Church of Smyrna, GA. These young people wanted to do something to help someone in need, and their choir director, Sheila Price, encouraged them to consider helping an orphan–something which could have a huge impact in the life of a desperate child. She also told them that there would be no offerings taken up–that anything donated should be given from their heart and from their own resources anonymously over a period of a few weeks. The youth choir president, Nathan Hadden, collected the donations, and when the total was added, it was $238! Our hearts were so touched when we received the donation! We knew this was given in sincerity and cheerfully. At the time it was received, there was a $2,000 matching grant challenge, and this donation was enough to finish meeting the match, and $128 dollars of it was essentially doubled. In the end, God multiplied their $238 and turned it into $366! God has a way of doing that! We never know how even a “small” donation can touch someone else or make a bigger impact than we expected! Thank you Calvary youth choir for reaching out and caring about a precious orphan! May God multiply your generosity back to you!
As for the Dewberrys, with the promised grant money, they are actually $76.02 OVER the amount they calculated for their need as of this posting, but they do have a couple of prayer requests! 

1. The cost for renting an apartment in the country where Nicole Dewberry will be staying has been increased to around 10 times the normal amount due to the Euro Cup, and they are praying that they don’t end up with an exorbitant apartment cost during Nicole’s nearly two month stay. This possible expense has not been taken into account in their amount needed. Please pray that the rent will not become an issue!
2. In the latest update we heard, the paperwork from the last $5,000 that is part of the $10,000 matching grant is in process, but it is still possible that it will not be available until the very end of Nicole Dewberry’s stay in country or longer. Please pray that it reaches them in time! We will keep you updated on progress if further fundraising is needed!
Taylor will remain on our home page as a sponsored orphan at least through the weekend as we are making plans for a new transition. Thank you all for your part in making a HUGE difference in Taylor’s life! We are excitedly awaiting her arrival HOME!


  1. I have been SO BLESSED by what God has done for your family!! I cannot wait to hear more of your journey with your wonderful family!! May our Lord receive ALL the glory-thank you for your submission to Him!

  2. Thank you so much! There is no doubt God gets all the glory in this one. So many hands and feet were involved and that is what I loved about it so no one could take it away from him. He was seen all the way through. I pray we continue to just see his works through this entire adoption. Thank you so much for following and being in prayer for our family and Taylor. We are still processing all that happened and just amazed and greatly humbled. Packing stuff right now getting ready to go!