Sunday, June 3, 2012

Such An Honor Such A Privilege To Call Him My Son.....

Kolya saving Jaime the run-away from the group as she tried to run into the street

I have had the privilege not only to be chosen by God to be Kolya's mother but also to serve others in the US and Eastern Europe with my son.  It has been an honor and blessing to call him my son and see him grow into a man of God.  I am excited to see the joy in Kolya knowing he will have a little sister to protect, teach and care for.  Not only did he design her room with dad and help me pick out all the stuff to donate for the orphanage and for her but giving up time without complaint in preparing to do so.  The pictures below do all the talking so I gather I will let them speak for them self.......

This morning at breakfast I told him ya know having a little sister you are going to have to protect her.  He said "I know mom....I will tell the boys if you hurt my sister you will have to deal with me".   Love it! 

Dad & Kolya goofing off working on tie lessons.

 Dad teaching Kolya how to wear a tie.  It was important to Kolya to have a nice shirt and tie for Taylors adoption at court. 

Yes that is Kolya in there under the girls....


  1. He's a wonderful boy! & will be an excellent big brother... God bless you and your family always & praying for your adoption of Taylor...

  2. May God richly bless your efforts to raise funds to bring home your daughter. I've added $75 to RR to be matched by others, but I don't need to be included in any give away, as being able to be a part of this work to bring orphans and the unloved to loving, Godly families is blessing enough. May God continue to be your rich rewarder for all you do in HIS NAME! Lynn M

  3. Lynn I cannot thank you enough....this is just so incredible of the out pouring for Taylor and our family. I am just in so much awes of everything I am finding it hard to find words. Thank you so very much and may the Lord bless you!