Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is a giveaway to benefit Taylor, a 7 year old orphan from Eastern Europe that is HIV+.

Taylor's new family will be traveling to adopt her on June 16. They have 2 weeks to raise the remainder of the funds needed to adopt her. Right now they still need to raise about $24,500 to be able to adopt her. You can read more about their story here.
Over the years Taylor has asked other families, that have arrived at her orphanage to adopt children, when someone will be coming to adopt her. She is currently at a baby orphanage but because of her age, she is in danger of being transferred. If she is not adopted soon she will be transferred to an institution. She really is running out of time and needs to be adopted ASAP. The Dewberry's are very willing but need your help to do it.
So I have gathered some donations from some very generous people.
Take a look at the prizes.
Adorable Girls Skirts. We have two to give away. You get to pick the size up to 4T. One will be the blue/green combo and the other will be the giraffe/stripes combo. Please state your preference and size you would want.

Antique Book #1: "When a Man's a Man," Vintage novel by Harold Bell Wright. First edition! 1916. (from Allison's Attic of Rare Books)

Antique Book #2: "My Story that I Like Best," Vintage short-story collection. First edition, 1924. (from Allison's Attic of Rare Books)

Gorgeous Throw Blanket with 2 Matching Pillows From Sew Elegant (Retails for $85)

Beautiful Lined Baby Sling (Retails for $75)

Close up of sling fabric

8x10 Print from Andie Eggimann. We have 8 of these to giveaway. See some sample prints below or visit Andie's shop and let us know which one you prefer. You can visit her Etsy shop here. (These retail for $18)






Self Control

Dwelling Place




Knitted Aqua Beanie Cap for Baby

Knitted Red Sweater for Baby

Small Red Felt Tote

Little Girls Purple Felt Backpack

Purple Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby

Rainbow Knitted Sweater for Baby

Knitted Yellow and Purple Sweater and Matching Beanie Cap for Baby

Knitted Pink Stripe Beanie Cap for Baby

White Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby

Light Blue Knitted Bonnet for Baby

Blueberry Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby

Tomato Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby (2 available)

Strawberry Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby

Pumpkin Knitted Beanie Cap for Baby (2 available)

Pink Knitted Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

White Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Wash Cloth

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Wash Cloth (7 available)

Pastel Stripe Knitted Wash Cloth

Pink ABC Knitted Wash Cloth

Have a Coke and a Smile Snack Gift Basket - Ultimate size. Retails at $127.99. You can see more details about this basket from Doodlebuckets here.

So how can you win one of these awesome prizes and help Taylor come home?

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