Monday, June 4, 2012

A Dream Come True...MacBook Pro Giveaway

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Elizabeth. 

I read about Elizabeth one month before Christmas in 2010.

Elizabeth was an orphan with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe facing transfer from an orphanage to an adult mental institution -
for life. 

 The thought of that beautiful, almond eyed little girl-who could be my Lily- facing that future -
ripped my heart out and changed my life forever.

I watched a video on life in an Eastern European mental institution and felt physically sick at the thought of little girls growing up there. Children, tied to cribs or left wandering the halls amidst grown men and women who had grown up the same way. The thought of what must go on there..the sounds...the smells...the sight of all that must take place in those halls, in those chambers of grief and heartache and despair... had me on my knees begging God to show me how to help.

In less than a week, God answered. He put a little girl on my heart named Olga, and my husband and I gave what we could to see her rescued. What happened next was miraculous. Literally hundreds of like minded people, wanting to change the destiny of a little girl, banded together and gave what they could to raise a grant fund for Olga. Today, Olga has already met her forever family, thanks to that grant fund, and this year she'll come home with them to a new life.

 And Elizabeth? The little girl whose plight opened my eyes and changed my heart forever?

She's living out a dream come true.

She'll never know the horror that is the institution, never lose her precious innocence to those forsaken halls, never witness the nightmare that would have been her destiny, because today, 


Elizabeth and her "Auntie", Andrea Roberts

Elizabeth and Reece, the inspiration for Reece's Rainbow

Today another little girl is facing a future without a family.
This beautiful little girl's name is Taylor.

Taylor's description on Reece's Rainbow:

Taylor is a sweet girl who is HIV+.  She asks for a family so often, so many of our families have traveled to this orphanage, but never for her. Taylor is growing up so fast, and ever aware that she has no family of her own. 

Taylor turned 7 years old last month. She as been waiting all her life for a family to rescue her.

Enter the Dewberry's.

The Dewberry's adopted their son Kolya from Eastern Europe two years ago.
They traveled to adopt another son in February of this year. You can read more about that HERE, but the end result was that the Dewberry's returned home with broken hearts.

And then they found Taylor on Reece's Rainbow.

A little girl in desperate need of a family.

Waiting for her dreams to come true.

Because of having just traveled to adopt, their paperwork was already in country- their homestudy already complete.

All that stood in the way of a home for Taylor was a pile of money.

A BIG pile of money.

In a matter of weeks, the Dewberrys raised $11,000.

They need $22,000 more.

But guess what?

Dreams really do come true.

Yesterday, my dear friend and blogging buddy, Julia Nalle, asked me to help her yell for Taylor.

That's what Julia does when her heart is breaking for children.

She yells.

So she asked me to help her raise $22,000 for the Dewberrys.

I love Julia. And I love orphans.

Guess what I'm going to do?

(that's me, yelling!)

I know what you're thinking- $22,000 ?

Oh, it gets better.

They travel in eleven days.

Yes, you read that right.

But God appears to be moving MOUNTAINS for little Taylor, because get this...

An anonymous donor has stepped up and has offered a $5,000.00 matching grant PLUS their employer will MATCH that grant with another $5,000.00.  



All we need to raise is $10,000.00 and the Dewberry's will just about be FULLY FUNDED!

$10,000.00 to get $10,000.00 in 10 days!!

10 for 10 in 10 days!!


Every 10 you donate becomes 20.

Every 50 you donate becomes 100.

Every 100 you donate becomes 200.

Every 500 you donate becomes 1000.

It is a LOT of money to raise in 10 days.  

Will you help?

  There is a Giveaway going on, hosted by the Dewberry's sister HERE. You can click on that link to find out how to enter some wonderful prizes.

Oh, and we're offering a sweet little prize (from an anonymous donor) as well...
The new MacBook Pro laptop. 13". With quad-core Intel Core i7 processors, AMD Radeon graphics, ultrafast Thunderbolt input/output, and FaceTime HD camera.  valued at $1200

How to enter:
for all the details and where to donate and be entered to win the laptop! 


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  3. Thank you so much for helping bring Taylor home!!!!!

  4. Donated earlier today! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this adoption!!!