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Faithful Families by Julia Arnold Nalle

Faithful Families by Julia Arnold Nalle

I don't have anything to give away.

I don't have an iPad.  I don't have gift cards.  I don't have prizes.  I don't have auctions.  

I just have a whole long list of families who are desperately in need of funds.

And I have a deep desire to help them.

A deep desire.

I've been wracking my brain all week and have come up empty.


All I can do is list the families who are deep on my heart here.

Some of them are leaving soon... 

Some of them need thousands....

Some of them are discouraged and scared....

Some of them have jumped through so many hurdles and hoops that they can't jump anymore....

Yet they are still jumping...

Faithful Families.

Choosing to adopt the babes that nobody wants.  

Won't you help them? 

Even if I don't have iPads and Kindles and gift cards?? Even if there is nothing for you to win or gain?

Will you help them?

HERE'S MY CHALLENGE.... I'm posting a LOT of families and there are a LOT more out there.... WILL YOU PICK THREE??  Will you Pick Three Families either on this list or elsewhere and help them today??  Drop something in the buckets of THREE FAMILIES.  Maybe you can only drop 5 dollars in each bucket.  IT'S FIVE DOLLARS MORE THAN THEY HAD!!

If you do... if you pick three will you tell me??  Will you tell me because I am praying for FIFTY OR MORE PEOPLE who are willing to pick three families and help them!!  That's my prayer.

It's lofty.  This is absolutely the WORST time of the year with people finishing up vacations and schools starting back up and school shopping happening... But I'm praying for FIFTY PEOPLE ANYWAY...



The Boroughs family has just received a 5,000.00 MATCHING GRANT.  For every single dollar they raise - they will be matched up to 5,000.00 dollars!!  
You need to make your donation by check to Lifesong for Orphans in order for it to be matched.  Is that too hard??  To write a check for a family so that another little one can be added to this picture.  I LOVE THIS FAMILY.  Love them with me!!

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40/ 202 N. Ford St.
Gridley, IL 61744

They are also selling these BEAUTIFUL NECKLACES...
Look carefully because MY FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE is on that necklace!! Micah 6:8!!!
You can purchase one using THIS LINK
And rumor has it... they are selling these cute little guys...
Amy Boroughs
I don't know if they are officially for sale yet but I think a line is already forming for them....  If you want one you'd better let me know and I"ll put in a good word for you!!

Oh I LOVE this family....
They just got back from adopting a little girl who we shared about, yelled about, prayed for, on this blog a LONG time ago.  Masha.  Her new name is Charlotte...
and tucked into their suitcase with Masha was the cutest little guy named Atticus..
..and of course they are turning back around because there are some older kids who desperately need families and they have found room at their table.
Would you consider dropping some money in their bucket??  
They could definitely use the help because they DO have room at their table and they CAN afford to care for these kids this side of the ocean but getting them here is the uphill climb!!

I LOVE this family because they live in MY WORLD!  I've had the privilege of teaching some of their kids... I prayed their kids home... they prayed Aaron home... we have cried together... laughed together and cheered each other on!  They are adopting again.  A little one from Ch*na.  Ting.  They are doing a puzzle fundraiser and I would love to bless them with donations.  Go HERE to donate!!
You remember the Dewberry family!!  We raised BIG MONEY for them to go get Taylor... Well.. while there this little guy stole their heart and they are going back.  Thankfully our fundraising for Taylor rendered them MORE than they needed for her adoption so they were already over halfway funded for Steven!!!  But they are still in need of thousands to get him out.


Remember my sweet Spencer... My Angel Tree Babe.  Well he is going to the Twietmeyer family.  They can't wait to cross the ocean to get him home. Carolyn Twietmeyer is director of PROJECT HOPEFUL.

An auction to raise funds for Spencer is HERE and it is chockablock full of cool stuff!!!
I'm warning you now... I am going to cry the day I see him in his Mama's arms!!  It's going to be a blubberfest!!


The Heim family is SO CLOSE to going over to bring their FOUR babes home!!
I've been praying so hard that God would prepare these kids hearts and that NOTHING would stand in the way for them to finally be in a loving family!!
Traci is doing a GIVEAWAY for this 500.00 Lladro figurine.  Any donation will enter you in to win it.
You can find the link to donate HERE.


The Cole's started across the ocean a few months ago but halfway there had a family emergency and HAD TO GO HOME.  It has been a rough road for them but God has paved the way and they are soon heading back over.  They are a few thousand short and so Beth has been going crazy making hair bows to raise funds.  She also has been helping EVERY OTHER FAMILY OUT THERE who is in need.  Please consider helping them out... Or go buy a bow to get these kids home!!


Their Dossier was just submitted and all they are waiting on is a travel date.  They are thousands short but longing to get their sweet little Keegan!!


PLEASE help the Sharp family.  They need a whole ton of money to get these babes out.  They have NO FUTURE in their country!!  They will be well-loved in the Sharp family!!
The Sharps have an auction going on there is HERE
And if you want to see some updated pictures of these babes click HERE!!


Hurry up and help this family because today is the LAST day for their iPad Giveaway!!

Click HERE to enter to win the iPad!!  See... I am Giving away an iPad!!!


I'm actually giving away TWO iPads because donating to the Morse family enters you into another Giveaway!!  They are bringing home this cutie... PLEASE HELP THEM!!

You can click HERE to enter in to win the iPad.

I KNOW THERE ARE MORE FAMILIES... tons more... All the families on
THIS PAGE are close to travel and some of them are very short of funds.


Off my list or off another....

And let me know because I am praying for FIFTY FAMILIES to stand in the gap!!  Fifty!!

Oh MY!!!

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