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Our Journey To Steven........

8/23/12 Todays hearts desire is to "pay it forward" more then anything else right now.  It weights heavy on our hearts and has since folks became the hands and feet of God to help us bring Tania home.  Why?  If folks had not donated we would not have Tania our daughter and be funded as far as we are into Stevens adoption.  We know God is calling us to do so and make every effort in doing so from donations, selling things, making things, our own tithing were pulling from every direction we can think of.  If we have posted were we shouldn't we apologize and have no intention to offend anyone or bog anything down. again our apologies.  We just wanted to get the word out because this is not just about the Dewberrys or Steven it is much greater then that to us.  Again I would not even be typing this post if it had not been for people giving of there own time and money to help us that did not have to.  This is the least we can do is try to pay it forward.  Who are the families the $5K in total will go to.  I do not know that is why I am spreading the word of the auction because I know there is so much need out there that God can handle but I cannot alone, no way no how.  So I am spreading as far and wide as I can then trust, obey and let go.  Joe and I are in prayer of who these families will be....we have no clue it is his work his timing we are just the messengers, mover and shakers here on earth.  That is it.  

Let me give you an idea of numbers.....we need a total of $11,359.50 by September 15th in way of selling through the auction or donation on our RR or Chip In for Stevens Adoption and to "Pay It Forward" by $5,000.00 divided into $1000.00 to 5 other families.  Right now with everything NOT bid on we are short just a little over $6500.00 to fund our adoption and help 5 other families.  THAT IS IT!  So if everything up for auction we have up even with a bid of the minimum amount to start we would make a little over $2500.00 which means we would only need $4000.00.  That is again only if the things were bid on that had no bids.....this is junk change to God.  He brought in over $30K for Tania in 2.5 weeks through the hands and feet of God.  

The benefits to bidding....what are the benefits?  God tells us we are not to give in order to receive.   The folks that donated to us some we have no clue who they are but they gave.  This is the thing though with our auction...again we were blessed all the way through with Tania's adoption from folks donating computers, items to auction and funds.  If you bid 100% of your donation will go to Stevens adoption or one of the 5 other families and you will get something in return.  So when you look at the plate made in Crimea, Ukraine we have up for auction we bought by the ocean you can think I got this amazing plate but I helped bring home Steven in doing so. 

Where are we at in our journey to bring home our boy......Well our dossier headed to Ukraine and arrived last week  except for our USCIS and a couple other forms.  They have all arrived and will be heading to Eastern Europe with a family that is so graciously taking it this Saturday with them.  Once it is there with the remaining parts of our dossier on Saturday the countdown will begin.  So we are almost there.....the great news is USCIS and the DAP seem to be moving in mock speed times all the sudden.  I am good with that and a fast turn around to get Steven home.  My things are already packed and my table is full and ready to go.  

For those of you new to our blog how did we meet Steven?  When we were adopting Tania we met Steven on the very first day we arrived.  He came up to Nicole before anyone and pointed at me and said "Mama".  You could say that well any orphaned child would do that.  Apparently not Steven.  I personally could not shake this boy and it was mutual.
  He daily was on my heart and mind as I would play with all the kids and Tania but Steven and I kept magneting to each other.  We hit hit off from day one.  Stuck together like glue.  Holding hands everyday with our visits twice a day, playing, looking for bugs and he would make me Paska bread.  

Tania would pick me flowers and Steven would pick me flowers too and say "Mama" and hand it to me with a big ol'e grin on his face.  I would look for him and he would look for me.  

He would see me and go run and get Tania.  He saw a need of others and he would move on it.  Especially Tania.  He was her wing man and she was to look out for him and he her.  

He would take my hand and rub his face and close his eyes and say "Mama".  He would tug on his nannies gown when we would hold hands and climb their little hill up to the school and say "This is my mama" in Russian to her.  They would always smile at him and then stare at me knowing my heart was falling for this boy as he had fallen for me.  And tease me and say "Yeah mama".  LOL!  Our attachment was clear not only to us but to others too. 

We prayed asking God to make it clear to us should we move forward to adopt this boy that won my heart and already had Tania's.  We knew he had HIV, FAS and undiagnosed medical issues but the fears of things things did not matter and seemed to fade away.  The idea of leaving this boy and never looking back I could not bare.  On our last day at the school, our last day with Steven, Joe and I knew we we called to adopt him.  So when the nannies joked with me again about adopting Steven right before we took that last walk up the hill I told the nannies we are adopting him.  They grinned ear to ear.  We had just climbed the hill of such perfect timing to tell them and Steven was holding my hand, grabbed his nannies gown and said once again "This is my Mama" in Russian and the nanny said "Steven this is going to be your Mama".  He took a deep breath and sigh turned and faced me, grabbed both my hands and said "Mama" grinning ear to ear.  I said "Dah" and he hugged me so tight hanging onto my legs which are at his level.  He's a little guy ya know....  Then we went skipping up the hill singing "La La La La".  This is his typical song.  All the kids joined in singing and skipping with us.  It was an awesome last day with our boy before we left for him to know we are returning for him.  We all miss him like crazy.  Tania wanted to bunk up with him once he's home and was willing to give up her room to get him home sooner.  Love that girl!  But this is our story, a very special one.  I know there are folks out there that like to say not so nice things to folks blogging and FB'ing that are adopting special needs kids.  We are fully aware that we are adopting one....we don't care.  We have two at home and I love and adore them, God has blessed us to be their parents.  So basically like my mama taught me...if you can't say something nice then don't say it at all.  


Please see below to view the individual items in the auction or you can visit to go "live" into the auction:

 These Are Items Nicole Picked From Local Vendors & Artists From Ukraine and Bought Abroad (they found in different shopping locations all over, donations from others, etc.) To Auction Off To Raise Funds For Steven's Adoption! PLEASE TAKE A PEEK AT THE BEAUTIFUL ITEMS! If you would like to bid please click on the link below each pictured item to FB and select the "Comment" tab and post your name and bid amount! Thank you!




For more photos please go to:








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