Monday, August 20, 2012

Joe and I were incredibly blessed in 2.5 weeks to bring in enough funds to adopt Tania and have extra to put funds even towards Steven's adoption. WE COULD NOT HAD DONE ANY OF IT without God number one but all the folks that stepped up to be the hands and feet of God to help us by prayer, donating items & funds, prayer....every bit counted no matter what part you played and it goes un-noticed by not us only us but God. I was going to keep this on the hush and down low but folks I NEED YOUR HELP to get the word out and help us keep this rolling. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? I want this page "Bringing Home Steven" to be more then bringing home Steven, I want it to go beyond and keep on rolling. Joe and I for Tania's adoption seemed to have a thing where funds of $5K rolled in a couple times that donors donated to us. We talked and it was clear there was something God was trying to show us with this $5K and while we were fundraising for Tania we wanted to help others too and were trying to figure out how. So in our fundraising efforts right now to bring Steven home I want our auction we have up to not only fund Stevens remaining expenses but to help another family or families. I WANT TO RAISE $5,000.00 more then what we need for Steven to get this puppy rocking so we can pass on what several others gave to us in honor of them and to glorify God. The $5K rollover.....This is where I need YOU, YES YOU, your help. I need you to spread the word about the auction. Spread it to your family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbandsm wives, work, bank teller, grocery clerk, hairdresser, anybody, people you know, you dont know, people you want to know, people you should know........!! BID, BID, BID......lets get all these items I have up bidded on not only for Steven but for another family or 5 other families. I know God will lead us to where he wants the funds to go because again they are His and for HIS glory. So folks HELP ME!!! You got items to donate tell me, I will put them up. Let's rock it and get this auction cranking. The auction ends Sept. 15th. I want to reach this goal of funding Steven and an additional $5K by September 15th!!! Our total left for Steven's adoption is $6359.50! So we need to raise these funds plus an ADDITIONAL $5,000.00 to roll to either one or 5 families. I want to keep this puppy rolling! So we need by September 15th a grand total with our auction or just donations (which is on our blog links to donate) of $11,359.50! Folks have you seen all the cool items I have up for auction????? They are awesome and let's get a bid war going on all of them!!!! This is all for his glory and to bring more then just Steven home!!!! So let's all join in together and make something happen.
Well folks I was looking at the numbers of where we are at and where we need to be to bring home our little man.  I am SO STOKED to see we ONLY need $6359.50!!!!  

We were given a $2000.00 grant match and a $1000.00 grant match.  The $1000.00 grant match was officially met!  So now we have the 2nd grant match of $2000.00 and we have had a total of $108.28 donated towards it.   We have the work grant match out there that was given to us of $5000.00 for Tania's adoption but were informed it could take up to 8 months to get it.  It has not come in yet.  So at this point we are hoping and praying it will come in but we really do not know when it will arrive.  If is comes in time that would be so rocking but as time gets shorter to take-off we cannot count it as a given it will be here.  If it comes after we leave for Steven we are going to roll it as a $5K roll-over to another family or 5 families in need in hoping they will keep it rocking to another family after they are home.  Seems all our donations came in chunks or $5,000.00 and we want to honor these donors by keeping that ball rolling that helped us bring our daughter home! 

So what do I ask....prayer first and foremost for Steven and his health.  He has medical issues at this point that are undiagnosed but serious on top of his HIV and FAS.  Secondly for all the other adoptive families taking the leap to adopt, in the middle of their adoption and goodness have adopted.  This is a journey of so many emotions for both the families and children.  Many of my friends like us have returned home after the child they were to adopt said "no".  This is all so painful for both parties so I ask for all the families and children.  Many of the children afterwards sadly regret their decision only to find out the family cannot or will not return.  It has been a pleasure to be able to meet and serve with so many incredible families with hearts for these children.  Our family thanks you!

When Do We leave for Steven? 

The exciting news is the remaining docs for our dossier as of 8/18/12 have been completed and everything mails back to Eastern Europe 8/20/12 and then it is just a matter of counting down until they give us a date to travel!  So folks we are close!

How can you help us bring Steven Home?

On the right side of this blog is a Reece's Rainbow link with Steven's arms wide open as he was telling me he loves his mama this much.  You can click on that which will take you to his page on RR.  You can read our story and also click on the donate button for a Tax-Deductible donation.  


You can click on the "Chip In" button also on the right side to do a Tax-Deductible donation.


You can see below at all the beautiful Ukrainian and other items up for auction to help bring Steven Home!!

Our family thanks you!


These Are Items Nicole Picked Up From Local Vendors & Artists From Ukraine and Abroad (they found in different shopping locations all over, donations from others, etc.) To Auction Off To Raise Funds For Steven's Adoption! PLEASE TAKE A PEEK AT THE BEAUTIFUL ITEMS! If you would like to bid please click on the link below each pictured item to FB and select the "Comment" tab and post your name and bid amount! Thank you!
(It Has Been Extended To Raise More Funds Before Take-off!) 



For more photos please go to:









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