Saturday, August 11, 2012

She Chose Life by Lisette Winners

I’ve been thinking about Steven a lot lately. Thinking about his family, about what’s happened so far, and of what’s to come.
As I sit thinking about all of this, my thoughts took me back…..

Back to when Steven was born.
And it just kind of hit me, like some big realization that although I knew, I never thought about this way before!

SHE CHOSE LIFE!!! Steven’s birth mother chose life instead of abortion!
It just sort of boggles my mind to think about. I am not judging, but you have to assume she didn’t make a lot of good choices, given that Steven was born HIV+ and with fetal alcohol syndrome.
But. But. She still chose life for him.

And, it’s such a beautiful picture. A beautiful story that is unfolding right before my very eyes.
Because she chose life, the Dewberry’s are now, by the grace of God,  able to give him a life!
A life that exists outside of those orphanage walls.

 A life that includes the love of a mother, which every child deserves.

 A life that has a family, something every child so desperately needs and longs to be a part of.

 A life full of love.

 Thinking about this life brings me to two things.
The first is the beauty of adoption and what that resembles.
As Christians we have been adopted by God. Although our sins had once separated us from Him, the death of his son Jesus Christ paid for them on the cross that day so that we can be a part of His family for eternity. I love that we can take this picture of God’s adoption of us and apply it to our life on earth for the fatherless children. A beautiful example of his love.
When we choose God we are choosing life. In that same sense, when we choose adoption, we are creating an alternative to abortion, and therefore choosing life. Only our God would create such a beautiful example of His love and the life in Him by way of adoption.
Secondly is a quote a friend of mine shared today.
“By God’s grace, beauty so often rises from sacrificial love.” Jedd Medefind (Christian Alliance for Orphans).
With that said, obedience is impossible without some sacrifice and hardship. Adoption requires A LOT of sacrifice, even some hardship at times. With the emotional, financial and even at times physical hardships and sacrifice that come while working to adopt a child it would seem anybody would want to run away, to disobey God, to do what was easy.

However, the Dewberry’s have not done that.


And that my friends, is an example of God’s love, and the beauty of adoption.

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