Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Day Of Goofing Off!

Steven in his Gangst'a lean shooting profile.....
A visitor who is a police officer came to visit the kids at the school yesterday and he stopped by and gave them bananas and some toy guns so the kids were on both the bananas and the guns like a bad habit.  He was a great guy and you could see he really loved the kids and he must be a regular to visit all the HIV kiddos.  I had no idea how big the news would be here about the Hurricane going on in the states right now.  It is all over the news and when folks know I am from the US it is a big point of conversation.  Much concern for folks from the Ukrainians which is neat to see.  

I will say my son with all his gun poses he goes from Gangst'a, to rifle hunter to sharp shooter.  He's got the hand and foot stance down pretty good and a firm grip so there is great potential he will be shooting with Mama and Papa.  He was a good boy too and would not aim the gun at Mama.  He said nope wont shoot Mama.  So that's a bonus!  (:

 Steven in his many stances.......

 Pooped...need a break to take a nap on bro
 OK bro time to get up and play....what is wrong with you resting!

 Did you hear me it is time to play!!!
 He is all about guns and glasses!!!  He has sis's glasses on and cant wait to get his own to see better.

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