Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tania verses the Blankie!

This morning is was hard to not laugh (hard to keep it under cover) when Tania had to fold her blanket.  The blankie was a bad blankie last night apparently!  She is a mover and shaker sleeper so who know what she did to that poor helpless thing.  But anyhow this morning her tantrum was the "BLANKIE".  At first I was starting to think the blankie was going to win but she came back with a strong fight and battled the blankie to surrender into folding the way she wanted.  Here are some photos of "Battle of the Blankie". 

 NO this is not a Halloween monster this is Tania battling the blankie
HEAR ME ROARRRRRR  I will when this battle blankie!
 OK I am breaking's got me......I surrender to the blankie!
 OK I got my BIG girls pants on and took on that blankie like a champion!  Watch me go!

Mission complete.  Blankie LOST!  Tania WON!

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