Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tee Pee Test.......

You all know how I take my Tee Pee seriously.  Especially when it comes to Ukrainian tee pee verse American.  Who knows maybe they are both made in China but I will say this there is a difference!  I decided to give up my Ukrainian cardboard paper and be flexible to try buying the 4 pack of white plain ol'e Ukrainian toilet paper.   How did the tests show under distress, flexibility, absorbancy, durability, biodegradable, how much needs to be used each visit to the bathroom and use?????

Well first off I now after over 2 years of traveling to Ukraine finally know what that 65 is on the card board paper means.  It means how much is on the roll.  I saw smaller rolls and a huge ginormous one today that was 120!!!  I was so excited to find it and tried to think how could I fit this thing in my suitcase to bring home!??  Still working on it!  (:

The conclusion of the tests showed my cardboard paper is so much more longer lasting first and foremost, you use less then the cheap white flimsy stuff, it is biodegradable so you can flush it in the toilets here and not stick it in the trash cans, it is flexible, durable and not to mention CHEAPER.  I paid .31 cents for my roll today!  The cheaper stuff just looks pretty but soon as you squeeze it you can stick it in a small cosmetic bag.  You cant mess with my cardboard paper your would have to jump on it to get it in a cosmetic bag! 

Do I take my tee pee serious!  Yes!  Why...I have to use it multiple times a day and I need and desire comfort, durability, quality and cost effectiveness.  So I am thrilled to report as you can see my cardboard paper still blows American or the white cheapy paper out of the water!  I stand firm behind this decision after testing it personally myself! 

I mean look how happy I am over this!???  I hope you have the same experience with this wonderful tee pee product when you visit Ukraine as I have!  

Small print legal notes: With these reports I attempted myself I take no liability or accountability if no one has the same awesome natural experience I had. 

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