Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Adventures With Our Boy Steven!!!!

 A Man Down With His Gun
 OK Not For Long
 Steven Is Digging The Idea Of Mask
 This Is His Idear Of A"Scary" Photo!  (:
Ok Now Just Chilling With His Hat I Mean Mask.....

 Swing Time.....
 More Swinging......
Sweet "Lada" The Most Awesome Orphanage Dog I Have Met Yet! 
 Soccer With BIG Bro!

 Kolya Nappy Time
 He Is Taking His Nappy Time Serious!
 OK Time To Push Little Bro

 My Quarky Three....Nope Their Not Mine......Yup They Are Definitely All Three Mine.....

 Lada Time!

 Chilling With Lada!  Love Kolya With Lada...She Sure Loves The Kids!

 Color Time!

 Steven In A Box!

Steven's Interpretation Of Urkle!
 Lada and Kitty Nap Time!

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  1. Nicole would you please email me at
    We adopted our Carrington from the very orphanage you are at for your Steven.