Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Cry For Help.......

A reach for help.....I have been getting many awesome emails from folks that have offered to write letters to Sash from children that have been adopted that were at this same crossroads as him not knowing to make this leap of faith for family or take the freedom of the wordly life without the love or support of a family and he is there.  I have had a couple folks email me about children that told their family "NO" to adoption when they arrived and are now in trade school regretting their decision of not being adopted greatly.  If they are willing to write him that would be incredible and I know some have offered but I cannot locate the emails.  YIKES!  My email has been a mess here and I am scouring my computer trying to find all the people that reached out with their children willing to write to Sash to tell them their story or encourage him on his decision to take family verse the wordly life of what looks like freedom.  As I sit here knowing where Sash is at I realize too many people have written me offering to do this and for me not to to take this help I realize God is opening this olive branch as a last ditch effort to fight for my boy and I need to take it.  If your child has offered to write or is willing to please that would be incredible.  I plan to get all the letters onto my email at (if you can please send them to my email) and I ask if your child is willing to include a photo of them or your family then I will get them downloaded with the letter and printed at a local print shop.  I have been telling Sash there are people praying all over the world for you son but it is one thing to hear it then to see it and have it in your hands.  If you child knows how to write it in Russian that would be awesome so nothing gets lost in translation as Satan would love.  Again thank you for your outpour and love for this young man. 

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