Thursday, May 31, 2012

Faith Of A Mustard Seed........

June 16th our family heads to EE to adopt Taylor!   

In this time trust and obey circle through my mind over and over as everything has been kicked up a couple knotches.  God is watching to see will we trust and obey and have the faith of a mustard seed.  As in our previous posts we thought our expenses needed were going to be $26,000.00.  Then we saw an increase in some expenses so it was bumped to $28,000.00.  Then once more our need was increased to $32,854.00.  WHY?  With un-forseen things out of our control we are traveling in the heart of the summer for travelers to EE and when the 2012 Euro-Cup event is taking place so the airline tickets have doubled in price.  What you would pay for a roundtrip is now a one-way.  With Joe's work he has to travel twice so we have to pay the heavty air fares for him twice.  So basically we have more travel with planes, trains and automobiles.  Sorry I could not resist I had to say that.  We are praying and not taking into consideration in the amount we need above the fact that we may get stuck in paying the large rates up to $800.00 for our apartment as we have been told may happen with the Euro event in certain parts we travel.  That is a whole nother story and praying the Lord will help us avoid this somehow, someway.  

We Have 2 Weeks To Raise The Funds To Bring Her Home!  

With us now needing to raise $32,854.00 the amazing part is we have raised $5966.98 towards this amount to go adopt Taylor!  So we have $26,887.02 to go!  Joe, Kolya and I cannot thank you all enough for everyone's prayers, support and donations for us to bring her home.  COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!

If you would like to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation towards the adoption of Taylor please visit:

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