Monday, May 7, 2012

Why A Child That Is HIV+ And There Are So Many To Adopt Without???

Today I was mailed actually an email by a concerned individual in regards to us adopting a girl we know that has HIV.  The woman was not unpleasant at all and I so appreciate her concern for our family in us diving into adopting a girl with HIV.  

For those of you who ask why would we adopt a girl with HIV when there are so many children to adopt without. 

Here is my answer......
We're jumping either way to Taylor.  God divinely called us to adopt her SPECIFICALLY.  We tried negotiating our way out of adopting in Ukraine again with God and well it did not work.  Everytime he pointed us to her we backed up to make sure if was not our own desires of feeling specifically lead to adopt this girl.  Again God won that one too!  God lead us to her....period.  I use to work with children with HIV and am very well aware of the losses because I did loose a girl I worked with that had AIDS when I was in high school.  But our lives do not have a timer...God will take us when he takes us HIV positive or not.  We cannot negoicate out of it.  There are orphans all over the world why should I be the one to say because they have CP, DS, HIV, AIDS, TB they are not worthy to be adopted.  That is not my call.  Didn't God the creator allow these diseases to surface to begin with.  I think he's looking to see who will step up to the plate to adopt these special needs children.  Another way I look at it is I would rather adopt a child and give them the love they deserve and desire then not risk to adopt and love and they die alone.  Plain and simple.  No matter how you flip this coin of us adopting Taylor her chances of survival if we do not go are grim.  She is medicated now and doing well.  Her future is an institution with no chance of adoption once she arrives there.  If she should be released and on her own she will have a stipend and medication to make it.  But you give a 16 year old kid and tell them to take their medication and let's see how long that kid and that medication stay together!  She will either "Feel OK" and not take it and could loose her life or sell it to make money to eat beacause she will be unable to find a job because not only is she labeled as an orphan but also and orphan with HIV.  Then she is broke and in trade school living in a hospital turned into a dorm with no supervision nor anyone to make sure she takes her medication and again this is if she is released to trade school and not living her forever life in an institution now what does she do?  A nice gentleman shows up and sees this pretty girl and offers to care for her.  Before she knows it she is in over her head either being sold into sex trade or becomes a prostitute.  So no matter again how you flip this coin....she gets moved into an institution, she goes to trade school and does or does not take her meds her future is GRIM.......Grim to nothing.  So do we take that chance of adopting her knowing perfectly well we are adopting a girl the Lord very well could take away from us.  YES!  No ones time here is negotiable. 
We refuse to walk away from a child because of their diagnosis.  Should God take take a child we adopt, I would rather him take them in our arms with the love of a mother, father and brother then not to feel that at all.

It's worth it!  Our loss his gain!


  1. Amen Nicole. So very thrilled for your family!!

  2. Amen! Just tell them - God told me to. I've found it stops many comments and opinions! I'm praying for you guys! God bless!