Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yeah! We passed the "PINK" test!

We are very grateful to know a gal in country right now adopting from Taylor's orphanage.  She is so wonderful in sending us updates when she see's her.  I asked Janice a couple days ago if she can see if Taylor seems to like a specific color.  Although most of the time clothes are chosen or just assigned and given to them sometimes they are able to wear a specific color they like. Today I got this news:

Got to see your sweet little one again today. Pink shirt, light pink pants. And hair in a double ponytail-- you know where they pull the top back and ponytail it then do the bottom and put them together with a scrunchie? She was spinning, backwards, on the merry go round. Seeming to be having a blast. 

So it appears we passed the official "PINK" test!  She likes PINK by golly!  Take a look at her bedroom Joe and Kolya designed before we even found her!  I think we may have done OK!