Monday, May 14, 2012

Taylor Update!

A message from a friend in country adopting at Taylor's boarding school:  Saw your precious girl again today- jean capris and a bucket hat she was hanging it on her own today. Sometimes I think she is sad that there aren't any girls to play with.

This was a message I woke up to today but it brought a smile to our families face.   Although Taylor does not know we are adopting her she has a BIG brother here awaiting to play with her.  Kolya will be rocking playing barbies with her, teaching her to ride a bike like we taught him, playing outside and getting dirty catching lizards and frogs.  Helping mom and dad garden and plant.  If she could only know the hope that awaits her of a family that is already praying, loves and is coming for her.  She will soon.  We are trusting the Lord and chugging forward!

We are collecting lightly used or new baby clothes up to age 5 years old for a boy or girl.  We are taking a suitcase back of clothes for her boarding school.  So if you have any clothes to donate please let me know and we would be happy to take them back to the school for the little ones.


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