Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Got A Bug!

I got a bug....yes indeed I did.  Never did I think I would see the day.  I GOT THE GIRL BUG! I have ALWAYS been a boy kinda gal.  Even in all the years of working with youth if the girls weren't afraid to get dirty or they skateboarding in the skateboard ministry we started rock on but other then that it was it was like handing me a baby and walking away and I would say "Now what, High Five"?  Babies and girls are foreign to me.  Younger youth and teenagers I get but little ones I am good as lost.  

So daily I go into what is soon to be Taylors room and just stare at it.  It needed something.  I have the black rug and black curtains in there that was what was going to be part of Sergiys's decor.  It's one thing if we were bringing home a teenage girl but were bringing home a 7 year old.  Pink is the deal with our kiddo.  So I headed to Target and got her a pink rug and pink curtains to doll it up a bit and I even found a matching hot pink lamp!  I mean how can you go wrong?

Now it looks like a little girl room!!!!

Taylors Room!

So my Kolya turned 15 years old on the 15th!  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said mum "I would like to adopt Tanya and go buy clothes for her".  So by golly we loaded in the car and back to Target and Kohls and hit up the clearance rack shopping with Grandma for Taylor and the kids in her boarding school.  I got heads up the kids love bubbles there so we loaded up on small bottles of bubbles and some outdoor toys for the kids to play with and lots of clothes for little ones.  So the table is piling up now with items to take back!  Grandma bought her a adorable little garden dress with ladybugs and flowers to wear to court should they not put her in a outfit.  Some schools do and some don't.  Rather go prepared then not. 

Kolya shopping for the little ones at Taylors school!

The dining room table filling up!

So I have officially been bitten by the girl bug.  Oh No!!!!

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